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From the Desk of the How-To Junkie for the "Self-Esteem Junkie":

Howdy friend, who wants "to build self-esteem,"

When you look in the mirror - who do you see? How do you feel about this person? Do you see somebody who is a proud and strong individual...or someone who could sure used a little bit of self-esteem and confidence boost.

"Self-esteem" was a word that you probably first heard when you were in grade school, along with others like "respect," "integrity," and "motivation," all hung up as posters in the classroom should have been a clear indicator of trying to tell you something - how much they would eventually impact your life.

And guess what - your teachers weren't wrong at all, were they? To this day, it still boggles your mind to how important these traits have become.

Self-esteem may as well be one the most important ones, involving how you perceive yourself that affects your overall behaviors. One day you might feel like you can conquer the word while the next you feel like you hiding in your shell afraid to put yourself out there.

Does this mean self-esteem is ever coming and going? Not necessarily. If you truly have solid self-esteem, no matter what day it is or how you feel at the moment can affect it, otherwise it's not real self-esteem - and neither are you a "Self-Esteem Junkie."

By being a "Self-Esteem Junkie," you will know:

* How to give yourself a self-esteem makeover to be the new "best you."

* How to discover your own secret talents to build your self-esteem.

* How to be love yourself no matter what by being your own biggest fan.

* How to create an alter ego avatar of who you are so it's not a facade.

* How to not give a damn about other's negativities bringing you down.

...and full-satisfied junkie more.

The only reason why you're still reading this is because you know you have "self-esteem" issue, so fix that issue now. Improve your self-esteem!

Signing off. Your friend,
- The How-To Junkie

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June 11
How-To Junkie
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Customer Reviews

Jesse Handley ,

Exercise after exercise will give you a real mental workout.

Another 35-page pamphlet produced by Junkie points out the way that someone, anyone, can overcome self-esteem defects and change their self-image. The only downside is that the book is barely 35 pages and could be read while waiting at the doctor’s office. However, it could be written in this way on purpose and possible be the most important thing you spend your 20 minutes on. The exercises in this book will stick with you and motivate you to real introspection.

Howie states that we have low self-esteem because we have that image of ourselves. No one is to blame but ourselves. Similarly, the argument is used that others don’t offend us; we choose to be offended. While there is a bit of truth on both sides we can’t afford to oversimplify the issue by saying ‘toughen up and everything will be ok.” Perhaps, Howie uses this last argument in Chapter 1. Without a doubt the best part of this book is that the author provides “exercises” for the reader to complete in the middle and end of each chapter. This is the most useful part of the book because it encourages the reader to think introspectively and figure things out for yourself – be your own psychiatrist and figure out why your self-esteem is so unnaturally low.

Another gem is Chapter 2 about creating an ‘avatar.’ Of course, an avatar is the ideal you that is your alter-ego which possesses all of the awesome characteristics which you do not. This is useful, I believe, to create a self-hero and attempting to emulate that image until you become that self-created projection. Chapter 3 continues with encouragement to the reader to let go of the opinions of others. ‘You can’t worry about their negativity and you can’t be discouraged in your quest for change and self-importance.’ As always, at the end of the chapter an activity follows which the reader will definitely benefit from. The entire 6th chapter consists of these useful exercises such as imagining a favorite childhood activity, analyzing the reasons behind the enjoyment, and recreating that as an adult. What could go wrong? The exercises are the bread and butter of this book.

C.M.Miller ,

I feel better about myself now.

Everyone I know has an issue with Self-Esteem in one form or another. I believe I have a great big dose of low self-esteem, and learning how to deal with and overcome it is something I struggle with everyday. When I saw this little gem of a book I was intrigued and wondered if it could help me in anyway. So I picked it up and of course it had many ideas I agreed with and many I didn't as is the way with self help books. However, it has helped me to figure out exactly what my main self-esteem issues, and a few exercises in how to combat them.

In working through these I now understand that I shouldn't care what others think of me or my actions, but it is only what I think that matters. I also learned to block out Negative Nancy or Neal. Which can also give me a low self-esteem issue, and through all of these little exercises and great information I feel a bit better about myself. I will definitely pass this information on to friends and family that I know are having some issues as well.

Markhamsm10 ,

Interesting and helpful

I had extremely high hopes for this book. As a teenager, I had extremely low self-esteem. I didn’t start growing into myself until my mid 20’s. So, reading a book about how I could have built my self-esteem was intriguing to me. And, for the most part, it didn’t disappoint.
It had fantastic insights to how anyone can improve their self-esteem, and why it’s important to do so. You won’t always have reassurances from outside sources, so you need to learn to be self-reliant and not allow naysayers to bring you down. That is where a strong, and stable self-esteem comes in handy.
The book also has a voice that is easily understandable. The text doesn’t have wording that is too convoluted so that anyone can read it. Anyone can gleam the advice inside it. It’s written in a relatively conversational tone, too, which makes it even more entertaining to read. One of my favorite sections of the book, is when the author compares self-esteem and stubbornness. It’s good to know that, even though I have built my own self-esteem up, I did something right by being stubborn!
Overall, I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. It had some fabulous examples and steps to increasing ones self-esteem, but I didn’t like the idea of “tough love”. Yes, that can work in some cases, but I have a hard time believing that anyone reading a book to help improve their self-esteem would continue reading it after that portion. In my opinion, tough love only works when someone you care about is trying to help you. Coming from a book, it is extremely ineffective and will only make the person reading want to put it down.
Other than that, it was a great book. I don’t recall seeing anything requiring edits, so that was a big plus with this book. Anyone reading could learn a lot. It just needs a disclaimer to readers to not get discouraged – keep going and it’ll be worth it!

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