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Become A Human Lie And Truth Detector

Lying is an ingrained instinct. Humans learn to lie by the age of three and just keep on lying into adulthood. On average, people will lie 3 times or more in a ten minute conversation with a stranger or acquaintance.

Does this sound unbelievable? Or maybe, you just don’t know how to spot the lies. There are many types of lies in this world: little white lies, big lies, small lies, omissions, exaggerations, and unconscious lies.

Everyone lies at some point in their life. However, some people do it more often than others. It can lead to an immense amount of frustration when dealing with habitually dishonest people.

It may be a teenager that you suspect isn’t telling the entire truth about their late-night out or a co-worker is constantly bragging about achievements that you doubt they completed. You may have a relative that always denies what they said at that last family gathering or maybe you just want your spouse to tell you what they actually think about your newest sweater.

Regardless of the circumstances, there are often many everyday situations that make you want to know the complete truth. But how does one go about finding out if someone is actually lying?

Most people can only successfully spot a lie about 50% of the time. Many people also think that only polygraphs can tell when people are lying.

But what if you could become a human polygraph? What if you could tell if someone was lying simply by the way they said something or the facial expression they used?

If this sounds like an appealing prospect, strap yourself into the lie detector's chair with the "Liar Detector." In this guide you’ll learn:

* Psychological motives behind lying
* Physical body language of falsehoods
* Verbal cues to pick up lies in one's words
* Subtleties to spot dishonesty in the digital age
* Guidelines on when and how to confront the fibber
* Strategies to both detect the lie and draw out the truth
* Applications for confidence in lie detection and confrontation
* And much more!

By learning these new techniques, you can embolden yourself with new lie-detecting skills and become a real-life human lie detector to detect all kinds of deceptions from those around you.

March 10
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Customer Reviews

Colorfly 111 ,

Great ideas on how to catch a liar in action

Being in a relationship has it's ups and downs as we all know and sometimes, things aren't so easy. We don't always receive the full truth when we want and deserve it. I purchased this book because I believed that the truth was not being told and this thanks to this book, I now know what to look for when someone is not telling you the whole truth.

This book has provided some very useful, surprising and interesting tips on how to know if someone is lying to you. I never knew that you could detect a lie by someone's eye or arm movements or even by the way they turn their heads! It also provides tips on how to detect liars for police and FBI agents.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone because we are all subjected to liars everyday in our lives.

Bygonelines ,

Learn to tell when someone is lying to you

While reading this book I thought of a dear friend of mine who has difficulty telling when someone is lying to her. Because of this she is always losing money and being taken advantage of. I could hardly wait to finish the book so that I could share some ideas with her.

Some of what I learned in the book “Liar Detector” were things I already knew and a few I hadn’t thought of.

I was glad for the reminder that a great way to tell if a person is lying when you are face to face with them is to look for the visual and auditory cues such as body language and tone of voice that indicate they are lying.

I also liked how the book gives you 5 strategies (i.e. investigate the issue) for detecting a lie and 8 more strategies (i.e. Adopt sincere demeanor and never accuse) on how to get to the truth and in the process get the liar to admit to the lie. These will come in handy when I talk to my friend. I am going to recommend that she purchase this book.

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