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A haunted house becomes the focus of a demonic investigation so Brenda teams up with a trio of werewolves to solve the mystery. But when the house eats her, can they find a way to save her?

I met a trio of furballs when my BFF was dealing with a demon issue  and since then, I can’t stop thinking about them.

When the chance to investigate a possessed house appears on my desk—after I filch it from someone else’s—I know it’s fate we team up again.

However, I might have bitten off more than I can chew because suddenly my hunky puppies are demanding I become their permanent chew toy.

Me, mated? Eek, but also yum.

 Did I mention they totally make my body purr?

Before we can indulge in a sweatily-ever-after, though, they’ll need to save me from Mr. Peabody’s house, because I do believe it ate me.

Author's Note: A raunchy, reverse harem, paranormal romantic comedy. (Now say that fast five times!)

November 9
Eve Langlais
Eve Langlais

Customer Reviews

jennyz101 ,

Lots of fun.

Extremely funny and very exciting. I can’t wait for A demon stole my kitty.

R. Manor ,

Mr. Peabody’s House

Mr. Peabody’s House - Eve Langlais
(Werewolves, Vampires and Demons, Oh My Book 2)

A very fun paranormal mystery romp with a sassy un-filtered heroine looking to break the case of a possessed house. In the process of upsetting everyone while getting into trouble with her persistent investigation into a case she was told to stay away from (Brenda doesn’t respond well to boundaries ).
Supernatural authorities taking on the challenging job of keeping an eye on Brenda. They can’t decide if their exasperation at trying to keep her in check and safe is stronger than their attraction to the free willed, wild woman. The three sexy males are close friends who happen to be paranormal themselves are awesome each with their own special vibe. When they realize they all desire the crazy female, Brenda takes that as a very hot and sex sign.
Although Brenda was funny, wild, and uncontrollable, I found her a bit too much at times, and even for one of this author’s heroines a bit over the top. Her main motivation seems to be to break the boredom in her job no matter how many she puts at risk including herself, in search of excitement.
Gave the book four stars, it is a fun interesting exciting read with some hot sexy parts to add to the enjoyment.

Spportillo ,


Oh my I absolutely love this author. She is absolutely amazing and can literally do no wrong in my book. I have read every single book she has written and she’s never let me down. If you’re in the mood for an awesome story filled with action, suspense , romance and steamy scenes this is the book for you.

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