5-Day French Language Challenge: Learn French In 5 Days

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Learn French With Your "5-Day French Language Challenge"

Why are you reading this? Because:

- You want to speak one of the dominant languages in North America.
- You want to know the language that has strongly influenced English.
- You want to charm those around you by learning the language of love.
- You want to grasp enough French to travel to French-speaking countries.
- You want to have the easiest and fastest way to study French for beginners.

French is not only a beautiful language but more popular than you may realize here in North American, plus it is spoken in over five continents. There is just a myriad of reasons why learning French is such a great idea.

Here in the United States, many people do already speak Spanish as a second language. However, French is quite another story; it can make you seem more appealing and stand out more in demand, opening up all sorts of opportunities—especially in the work force.

Career Enhancement – An employer is going to be more likely to hire someone who knows more than one language than one who only speaks English. It allows to communicate with important French-speaking only clients in a way that they can understand. You may also get to travel more for the job if you show your boss your initiative.

Education Opportunity – France is one of the most desirable country where you can study abroad. Imagine being able to go to Paris and understand what people are saying. When you have a rudimentary idea of the language, you will find that you can travel to France and expand your knowledge.

Culture and Cuisine – When you know French, you can explore the cultures freely in many French-speaking places, even here within the United States, without having language barrier. Besides that, when you go out to a French restaurant, you’ll be able to read the menu and understand it without having to ask the waiter or waitress to translate, and fully enjoy the authentic French dining experience.

Romance and Attraction – French is the language of love. Imagine wooing that special someone by speaking French to them and making them feel special. No matter what you say to someone, it always sounds more lovely in French.

If you want to start learning French, the "5-Day French Language Challenge" is your easy, no-hassle ticket to journeying into the French language that is going to really get you up to speed in no time.

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Customer Reviews

EastCoast Cowgirl ,

Easy Introduction into Speaking French

Full disclosure: I took two years of introductory French in high school (about 12 years ago). Additionally, I took two semesters if introductory Latin in college. While I retained some of the random vocabulary and conjugation rules, most of it has been lost on me due to lack of consistent practice. I visited France two years ago and was shocked at my inability to speak even a little of the language! My reading was better, but my speaking needed help. This small book came at the right time, and in the right way!

The book is set-up just as the title describes: separated into FIVE DAYS of lessons, each with information and associated "homework". All of the "homework" is very doable and simple, while still effective.

The book gives its lessons in laymen's terms, while also giving language-based terms, too (like "the infinitive form", etc.) which is a nice change from studying a language formally in a class. I'm used to being told first "the infinitive form", and then what it is, but this books switches that-up, and even such a small switch makes it easier to comprehend. Similarly, throughout the book and each day/lesson, there are many more easily-understood examples of such language-based terminology and functions that allow the reader to see parts of language they may not have before (i.e. feminine and masculine nouns, different verb tenses, etc.) In our native language, we rarely learn these intricate parts as we learn to speak as children (could you tell me what past-perfect tense is in English?) so when I am learning a new language, it has been difficult for me to transfer these types of terms to the new language until I understand them in my native language, English, first. This book is only five short lessons, but I feel it does this integration/correlation thing pretty well.

Day One gives basic vocabulary and introduction of intricacies of the French language, like pronunciation.

Day Two gives an introduction into sentences and sentence structure, like how verbs are conjugated and what masculine/feminine nouns are and how to identify them.

Day Three gives more complex scenarios, like asking questions and turning verbs negative. It also gives more vocabulary.

Day Four combines everything AND switches the vocabulary from French/English to English/French (I found this part very helpful in testing my memory).

Day Five gives a lot more basic vocabulary that would be necessary in essential conversation ("What time is it?", etc.) and furthers the challenge by asking students to go and practice their French skills daily.

Throughout the lessons, vocabulary isn't GIVEN, necessarily: students must look up definitions. This is nice, because it avoids some possible rote memory and is more active.

Additionally, the book gives easy hints about how to go about learning the "weird" parts of a language, like pronunciation. Also, hints on integration into daily life are easy and fun.

At the end, I was happily surprised at how much I'd learned. Because I've taken French before, I can't say for sure what I'd have learned if it was my first introduction to the language. However, if it IS your first introduction, I know it will be great for at least the basics, on which you'll be able to build to learn yourself!

All-in-all, the book is a helpful way to learn how to learn French/any language.

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