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Transform Negative Thoughts and Behaviors into Positive Ones with the Help of this Empowering Guide!
“Should I sacrifice my life to live ‘Half American’?”
“Will things be better for the next generation in the peace to follow?”
“Is the kind of America I know worth defending?”
Those were just some of the heart-wrenching questions put forward in a letter by a 26-year-old dark-skinned African-American army veteran named James G. Thompson in the 1940s. His letter was addressed to the editors of the Pittsburgh Courier, which the latter then published.
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome is a mental and social theory coined by Dr. Joy DeGruy. It takes into account a series of events and situations, including Jim Crow laws, mass incarceration, and natural disasters, over time that are meted out more harshly against the African-American community, beginning with slavery in America.
Inside this book, the author Janetra Johnson discusses how she found out about Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, how she was able to manage her negative thoughts, as well as what other veterans should look forward to when visiting a military therapist to discuss their racial and financial thoughts of slavery and Jim Crow.
Johnson seeks to help other veterans left with psychological wounds after a racial incident during military service by providing practical tools to help them develop skills that transform negative attitudes and behaviors into positive ones — with the end goal of empowering the veteran to not just survive, but also thrive as they live life and achieve true healing.
Over the course of this inspiring book, you will:
- Immerse yourself in a military veteran’s first-hand account of her fight for justice and the mental health struggles she faced during those challenges

- Identify triggers and symptoms, so you can avoid a personal crisis and stay on track towards self-improvement

- Learn 3 practical and useful tips to reduce those unwanted and intrusive thoughts of slavery and Jim Crow

- And so much more!

What makes this book unique is that it addresses the personal and private dilemmas dark-skinned African-American military soldiers and veterans have struggled with for generations.
In Johnson’s own words, “Keep moving forward.”

September 24
Janetra Johnson
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