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Protect Little Mother, when the time comes ...

Satan's archdemon, Asmodeus, is jealous of the relationship the earth-bound angel, Helena, has with his lord and master. He has devised a plan that will rid them of the harlot for good, one that requires stealth, loyalty and a sacrificial lamb. 

Gina's children are awakening, only to find that someone is methodically torturing and murdering anyone who has met her. The self-proclaimed angel followers seek out Helena, who they're supposed to protect, each of them wondering what an immortal could possibly need protection from. They believe that in the end it is she who will protect them.

When Helena learns of what's going on in the world around her, she tries to save as many lives as she can. Yet to stop the carnage she must come face-to-face with another earth-bound angel and defeat him — or die.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 1
Kylani Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Feli deru ,

Must-read for all PNR lovers!

I was quite surprised to find that this fifth installment is not only written in Helena's POV but also from some other characters in the book, and I was a little bit disappointed (since I don't usually enjoy multiple POV's), but I understand that the different perspectives are kind of crucial in the overall storytelling. If you're like me and you have been following the series then you would know that the plot may have become darker and darker each book, and this one does not except. I was quite disoriented when I started the book since I just couldn't remember where the last one have left off, but the beautifully written narratives has easily pulled me back in the story! I just can't stop admiring Tomlin's ability in interacting with the audience's feelings, leaving us feeling as if we're a part of the story itself!

OK done, overall, if you're not sold over that sweet abs on the cover, yes I am recommending this!! although you should really start from the beginning.

liln18 ,

A heart stopping read!!!

Melanie has brought an incredible story line that is not your typical read of Angel’s and Demons! The characters are well written, the storyline is strong and powerful and the only reason I’m able to write this review is because of the adrenaline coursing through my veins!

The suspense, the love, the horror, the marvel, the incredible journey through each story keeps dragging you in and wanting more! And Melanie has written a masterpiece that will drag you into the bowels of hell with Helena with every step!

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