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Cinderella retold: Fae, vampires, shifters, and a Godmother who’ll grant you any wish—if you pay the price.

Elle and Dex concoct a plan to lure in the Allegiant vampires responsible for the recent spate of human abductions, but a surprising revelation threatens to change everything.

While Elle works hard to keep the ugly truth of who she really is from Dex, it turns out Dex is keeping a secret of his own.

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This is episode 2 of 6 of a SERIALIZED Cinderella retelling. It is not novel-length. Expect cliffhangers! Approximately 25,000 words or 110 print pages.

**Prefer to binge-read all the episodes together? Look for City of Wishes: The Complete Cinderella Story**

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In a world of fae, vampires and shifters, where wishes can be bought and bargained for, Elle is human, bound to her stepmother by a slave charm. Her only hope at freedom is to wish for it. But the Godmother rules the illegal wish trade, and the price she demands is steep. Is Elle willing to pay it?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 10
Rachel Morgan
Rachel Morgan

Customer Reviews

lyouts ,

The plot thickens in Part 2!

To start with I’d just like to warn fellow readers that this is the second part in a serialized story, so you should have read Part 1 first, and this part ends in a cliffhanger. Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get on with the review.
In the second installment of the City of Wishes story, The Vampire Trap, the plot of the Cinderella retelling thickens. In this part of the story, as the title suggests, we see Elle, Dex, and his friends trying to trap one of the vampires by using Elle as bait. We find out a little bit more about the mysterious fae prince, as well as the social hierarchy of this new world created by Rachel Morgan. We also meet more vampires, a shifter and the infamous Godmother.
I have to say that the stepmother in this story is the most hateful I’ve experienced in any Cinderella story I’ve ever read or watched (and I’ve read/watched a lot of them!). She not only keeps Elle as a literal slave (through a spell) but also makes her use her memory stealing power on people in order to pull off elaborate cons to support the family’s lifestyle.
What I like most about this story are the interactions between Elle & Dex and Elle & Sienna (the good stepsister).
Part 2 was a great continuation to Part 1 and I can’t wait to read Part 3!

Betinaclark ,

Love the action

So this series has sucked me in!! it’s so full of intrigue and secrets I can’t wait for the next book to see what trouble Elle gets into

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