The Third Call

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Romance and suspense collide in this pulse-pounding read!


“This story is one that will stick with me for quite awhile. It is raw, gritty and the stuff of nightmares for those who are parents or part of a close knit family like the Friessens.” (Rebmay)

When dispatcher Charlotte Roy passes along a call to bad-boy deputy Marcus O’Connell, they learn a six-year-old child is in danger. Can they save the girl from a desperate situation? 

NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart brings you an emotional O’Connell family novel that is both “Gut-wrenching & Riveting.” When Deputy Marcus O’Connell is blindsided one night after a series of calls that comes in from an unknown number, and the caller on the other end is a child. All he knows is she’s six years old, her name is Eva, and there’s someone in her house who wants to hurt her. 

“A new family series more suspenseful than the Friessens.” Karen L. Vine Voice 

“This book masterfully interweaves several hot button topics and evokes feelings of anger, sympathy and even shock. A scared little girl and her calls for help are the catalyst to a situation that quickly spirals out of control and ends in tragedy.” Rebmay

“Deputy Marcus O'Connell has a sixth sense when it comes to crime, honed by a troubled childhood. So when a young girl calls, asking for help, he finds himself in a hostage situation of sorts with a disillusioned ex- military and a homeless single mother.” Honest Bookworm

“I truly love this author. She writes from the heart about the everyday things that actually happen in real life.” Caroline L.

Marcus is the ultimate bad boy turned deputy. He knows everything about how to get away with something, considering he was one of the middle of the six O’Connell siblings. He never had responsibility resting on his shoulders like his brother Owen, and he’s never been the center of attention like his little sister, Suzanne. Marcus knows how to find trouble and talk his way out of it.

Now, as the head deputy for the Livingston sheriff’s office, he knows everything about everybody, and no one can pull anything over on him. It’s why he’s such a damn good deputy. But even Marcus dreads what cops know as the third call. 

When Marcus takes the call the first time, he thinks it’s a prank. The second time, he knows there’s a problem. The third time the call comes in and is patched through to him, he knows it’s something he can’t ignore. The only thing is, the girl is terrified and keeps hanging up, and Marcus knows someone is in the house with her.  

Where are her parents, and who is this mysterious girl who needs his help?

February 29
Lorhainne Eckhart, INC.
Lorhainne Ekelund

Customer Reviews

Picqeene ,

Third Call

It wasn’t what I expected, it was much more. A sensitive topic, it is well written and has believable situations with believable characters. I would recommend this one.

brenbren1 ,

The third call

I recently had a chance to listen to this book I enjoyed all the characters in the story line it was a very good book

sassyprilla ,

The Third Call

I found the story to be very good....l love reading your stories
The O’Connells are an everyday family that have good days and bad...they overcome obstacles and do the right thing...this story had me so engrossed that l forgot to eat my dinner
I know that bad things happen to good people just like it happened to Eva’s mother...l was hoping that the three men who did her an injustice would recant but alas that was not to be....but perhaps in a later story she may find a happy ending say with Luke the brother who is in the military and that way Eva will be able to stay as one of the family...and her mom Reine will find true happiness again along with Luke

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