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After thousands of years of spiritual warfare, the Vatican has turned a corner. It’s no longer the Church that buries its secrets in underground libraries and hides its failures behind the closed doors of its clerical institutions. It is now a real missionary church reviving its relationship with God. The new pope has radically changed the organization with a courage his predecessors never dreamed of possessing. The heroes of the previous book—Paul, Lylian, John, and Julie—travel to Africa to follow Josh’s prophetic dream to find the first African pope, Peter II. They are not alone in this quest; the demonic Legion of the Gadarenes and its allies, the witch masters of black magic, are hot on their heels.John and Julie meet a fetish dealer on the black market who knows where the new pope, “Africa’s Saint,” lives in solitude and leads a mission to help the needy. He offers to guide them to the village, but John doesn’t like the idea. Before a decision is made, the expedition takes a turn for the worse. A mudslide devastates their camp, and John can only hope that Julie survived the accident.Paul and Lylian cross the continent from another direction, following a local informant to find the “Holy Man,” but their task is no easier. If not for the help of angelic troops, they would have perished. Meanwhile, in Europe and the United States, a new religion is emerging. The Master and his maidservants—Salome Sue Richardson and Sidney Grimm—have inflated the new faith into a global religious institution with the help of the corrupt and powerful politician, Carl Millerbeck. This new religion opens a window into the future for anyone who cares to look…

If you read Peretti's This Present Darkness you will find this series more exctiting and intriguing! Follow the demonic legion and the devotes fighting against the darkness thourgh the centuries!

Fiction & Literature
April 2
Articity Publishing
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