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After their DNA is corrupted by an alien bioweapon, the people of Exodus no longer experience love — and they desperately want to. So they reach out to an unaffected species: humanity, which has no idea it's been enslaved by a rogue AI. After great effort, they insert a volunteer's consciousness into the Machine.

On Earth, David lives a turbulent childhood of poverty and shattered innocence. But his tremendous resilience sees him through to adulthood, where he blossoms and begins to live out his dreams. Following his heart, he experiences ups and downs both great and small before settling down with the love of his life. Only then does he begin receiving mysterious messages — messages reminding him who he really is, and why he's really here...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 1
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller

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One Universe Book Review ,

A Thought-provoking & Inspiration Read

One Universe by Daniel Miller was a very thought-provoking & inspirational read. Part of the allure is that it tells a tale of David, who like any human being, is struggling to overcome some of life's most difficult obstacles throughout adolescence & beyond.

Miller takes us on an eye-opening journey through David's turbulent past, and whether the events shaping his adult life bears resemblance to yours or not, they are masterfully depicted in a way that makes readers feel heard & understood. In this regard, it is a tale that is human all too human, with opposing forces inevitably shifting us in different directions: victory & defeat, happiness & despair, love & tragedy.

David's resiliency & ability to find light in even the most darkest of times not only gives hope to readers, but also nicely illuminates how every moment in life bears meaning & significance. You can't have the good without the bad, the yin without the yang...and how much more do we come to appreciate love & connection after first experiencing the painful depths of loneliness & isolation?

Miller's book thus exemplifies the necessity of finding beauty amidst the chaos, & simultaneously serves as a blueprint for the ways in which we can invest ourselves in a cause that aims to serve the greater good. Therein lies the power of One Universe: it is not only a story to instill hope, but a call for action as well.

I'll end by stating that I'm still on a quest to understand & decipher some of the codes throughout, but until then, I can finally rest assured knowing that someone in the universe is speaking the same language.

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