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One fateful day, Ezoe Kazuhiko stepped foot inside the dungeon that appeared inside his yard and ended up triggering the Dungeon Outbreak Phenomenon. Together with the companions he’s gathered under his new company, Dungeon Busters Inc., he successfully clears Sapporo Dungeon. Within its deepest parts, he discovers...reliefs confirming the existence of an entity behind the emergences?! As humankind celebrates its first ever victory, Ezoe decides where to take the company going forward and cooperates with the Japanese government in pushing the adventurer initiative ever further.

At the same time, the successive appearance of even more dungeons forces other countries around the world to decide exactly what it is that they will be doing about the dungeons. How will the major powers of Gamerica and Sina move? Change is coming, and fast!

The world continues plunging into even further chaos in the second volume of this dungeon-delving epic with overwhelming realism!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 26
J-Novel Club
J-Novel Club LLC

Customer Reviews

JCHero ,

I need More

Loving it to bits
Volume 2 actually satisfies you compared to volume 1 where it made you want more. Volume 2 acts as a conclusion & Set up for future Developments.

Once again if you want to give the series a fair shot I implore you to Read Volume 1 & 2 back2back that way you’re fully satisfied with the initial developments

Dominic Falcon ,

Like politics? There’s a lot in here.

This book does not follow the same formula as the first book. It’s still enjoyable, but be prepared for a good 70% of the content to be political in nature. Meetings of the UN, insights into the thoughts of various world leaders, and quite a bit of ridicule for nations the author holds little respect for.

It’s still worth reading, but just be aware that the main characters, and especially the dungeon characters, have precious little space devoted to them within this book.

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