Naked Skin Nutrition

Science With Asian Wisdom to Better Beauty

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Beauty. A multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow every year. The unfortunate truth about most beauty regimens is this: they are mostly topical, often time consuming, can be expensive, sometimes painful if invasive, and not always a sustainable approach. The results of this limitation are obvious: quick fixes that don’t last and more importantly, does not address the root issue of skin concerns. The true test of beauty is quite simple - how do you look and how do you feel about how you look when the makeup comes off?

Science has already shown that every aspect of our being is interconnected - from head to toe, and from inside-out.

What if healthy glowing skin can be attained simply by eating the right foods specifically for your skin concerns? Or banish acne by practicing positive mindfulness? What if you can correct troubled skin by using the right actives in your skincare regime?

Authored by the creators of clean beauty brand, Kumuya, and certified professional life coaches, this book was written with the authors’ Asian heritage, plus over 400 scientific references to give you an evidence-based perspective on approaching beauty holistically.

Furthermore this comprehensive beauty go-to guide has over 100 food options for every skin type - including lesser-known science-proven Asian foods for skin health. With contributions from industry practitioners - Naturopaths, TCM, Herbalists, and Nutritionists, their experience adds extra dimensions and knowledge to achieving  youthful skin. Explore the rich nutritive options that are available to you in this book - live and eat your way to a healthier, well-nourished skin!

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The information in Naked Skin Nutrition reimagines beauty by merging the best of Eastern and Western medicine- and helping us all to understand that beauty is not just one dimensional but a three-dimensional reflection of our overall health. I am excited to see this information become more widespread so that beauty becomes so much more - than just skin deep

~ Dr Tasneem Bhatia M.D., author of "What Doctors Eat" & "Superwoman Rx"


In the age of social media we are constantly bombarded with unrealistic ideals of youth and beauty. What a breath of fresh air then, that the authors set out to immediately dispel this unhealthy expectation by throwing down the gauntlet - beauty is simply a state of balance which we all can easily strive for.

With warmth, candidness and clarity, Gary Chin and Terry Tong set out to lay the foundations of mindful nutrition and how to feed our skin from both within and without. In three detailed, informative and well-researched sections, they set out to explore how practices of mental well-being interact with the physiology of our skin, and how an encyclopedic myriad of ingredients in the food we eat play a vital role in what it truly means to be beautiful. If you want to understand a quintessentially Asian perspective of health and beauty then this book is a must-read.

~ Dr Terry Teo, BDS (Singapore), FAMS (Singapore), MPaedDent (UK), RCS (England)


You can only truly glow if you have nourished yourself deeply. This book serves as an elixir for self-care and transformation from within.

~ Tiffany Wee, Naturopath


Let your body heal with herbs, your skin will glow in no time! Naked Skin Nutrition sets apart from other books for skin wellness.

~ Peggie Zih, Ayurvedic & TCM Practitioner, Nutritionist


Gary and Terry have managed to piece together a very important and educational read. It's great to bring to the forefront with so many people suffering different skin conditions that there are many reason and things we can do to support our body.

~ Toni Baker, Naturopath

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February 20
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