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TRADITIONAL CZECH CUISINE is an interactive e-cookbook, useful tool and helpful mentor during preparing Czech meals. You can expect almost 190 recipes of delicious Czech Cuisine, more than 280 colorful pictures and almost 90 video tutorials full of advices describing preparing meals inside. There are also a lot of advices of our experienced grandmas and a lot of useful tips which can help you with replacing unavailable ingredients. These tips are based on recommendations of culinary art lovers from all around the world. E-book TRADITIONAL CZECH CUISINE could be used as teaching materials in a school, as helpful tool for professionals, for public and more. 

This e-cookbook is great mainly because all of its recipes have been cooked by us and also by tens of people from around the world. So we really found out that you can cook any of these recipes with tips you can find there...It is not important where you live... Czech Dumplings, Czech Christmas Cake, Leg of Venison with Dumplings etc. Everything is possible.

Electronic book is new dimension of books that modern age gives us. You will be fascinated of interactive features which make this e-cookbook special. Don’t be afraid, this e-book includes all these interactive features inside, they are available whenever you want, you don’t need to be online. 

Let’s inspire yourself with useful tips and advices. Amaze and surprise your friends by tomorrow’s dinner you prepare! Let’s learn to cook traditional Czech dishes!

Author Roman Vaněk, also known as a mentor of Czech gastronomy, is founder of Prague Culinary Institute. Institute is first of professional training facility of its kind in Czech Republic, which deals with extension of education in gastronomy and adapts to various demands even of most demanding clientele. Roman Vaněk has attended a lot of culinary internships in global leading companies and he lectured gastronomy art in Czech Republic, Norway, Germany and Brazil. He also worked with many culinary celebrities from Czech republic and abroad.

If you have any observations, suggestions or questions, please contact us via e-mail info@nejlepsikucharky.cz.

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August 7
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