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Rebellion in imperial Rome. Not the 3rd century but the 20th century

Caius Tellus wants to seize power in Roma Nova. Founded at the collapse of the old Roman Empire fifteen hundred years ago the tiny state now faces meltdown. Aurelia Mitela, chief imperial councillor, vows to stop him. But Caius is also on a personal vendetta – to destroy Aurelia herself.

But Roma Nova in the early 1980s is paralysed by a ruler afraid to rule. Old laws are choking reform. Fear sparks riots only to be flamed and exploited by a rising nationalist movement.

Aurelia fights to combat increasing catastrophe engulfing Roma Nova, but is she too late?

Part political thriller, part deadly personal rivalry, INSURRECTIO is Roman fiction brought into the 20th century through an alternate history lens with a strong female protagonist with heart and courage leading the action.

“INSURRECTIO - a taut, fast-paced thriller and I enjoyed it enormously. Rome, guns and rebellion. Darkly gripping stuff.”– Conn Iggulden

– Historical Novel Society’s indie Editor’s Choice

– B.R.A.G. Medallion

– Chill with a Book Awards Book of the Month

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 31
Pulcheria Press
Alison Morton

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rokinrev ,

What if Rome had survived?

‘Sometimes we have to do undignified or dishonorable things for the best reasons. We can only make the choices available to us at the time.”

Aurilea Mitela: imperial councilor in Roma Nova, last province of the old Roman Empire, is frustrated at the ruler who is afraid to govern, and the rest of the ruling families for not stepping up to help, as if she was the only one who promised guidance. These cracks in the centuries old government allow for the inevitable overthrow as the bureaucracy is replaced with a nationalism headed by Aurilea’s nemesis: Casius Tellas; a man determined to humiliate her and the women-run government.

Marina,Aurelia’s daughter, is captured and tortured before she is secreted away from Roma Nova. Casius has Aurelia taken and abused in exchange for the safety of people she cares about. Forced into servitude under Casius, her honor in shambles, she knows she must escape this unstable tyrant. Who can she trust?

Although I have followed Alison Morton for years, this is the first book of hers I have actually read. Morton writes consist edge-of-your-seat thrillers deeply rooted in history and rebellion. Here’s to reading the rest of the series (I have actually just gotten the first book of Roma Nova recently). Highly recommended 5/5

[disclaimer: I received this book from the author who gifted it to me. I have chosen to read/review it. I also own an e-copy]

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