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Mixed up when it comes to Mashups? Want help to become an expert Mashup music maker using Ableton Live? Welcome to the MPVHub Expert Guide on Mashup Essentials. 

In this enhanced iBook, industry expert, sound designer and musician, G.W. Childs IV, shares tips, tricks and techniques to keep you creative through every step of the mashup process in Ableton Live. You will learn all about importing songs, setting tempo, beat matching, mixing, arrangement, automation, stutter edits and more about audio production! 

What do we love about this iBook? It is beautifully crafted and includes detailed, zoomable images and comprehensive audio examples to accompany you on this step-by-step journey towards mashup mastery. 

So whether you're on your iPad or iPhone you've got a fully accessible guide to creating mashups in your hands.

Computers & Internet
March 21
Nonlinear Educating Inc.

Customer Reviews

The Fisk ,

Helped me through my first mash up!

I was really struggling to learn Ableton for the sake of making a mash up. This book really came through for me! The book is polished and straight forward, and the author really made the endeavor a fun experience. Thank you!!!!

soundbase ,

Great Book

Really enjoyed this book. If you are new to Ableton this is a good book that explains how to match tracks together, and create you own new version of the combined tracks.

I like how the book takes you through the steps from start to finish. Like from gathering your audio examples through to the arrangement of the track.

Wm32s ,

Well done

This is put together nicely. However, the information given is very basic. Most of this stuff could be figured out without too much of a struggle by just messing around in ableton. For me it was not worth the $4.99.

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