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Murder and mayhem, lying and cheating, and one PI trying to sort it all out

Take a ride in private investigator Emmett Naoki’s car while he chases down cheating spouses, finds missing persons, and untangles complicated murders faster than anyone else. He might not like having sidekicks, but he hasn’t gotten rid of his yet! David Wright digs up clues right by Emmet’s side. It’s fine, Emmett is totally not still into David. That was over back in high school!

Find a Man, Don’t Settle Down

Cheating exes, missing exes, and former crushes

There are few things in this world that private investigator Emmett Naoki loves. His job and the business he’s built, OWL Investigations, are his biggest passion. Then there’s sleeping in and working alone, but he isn’t getting much of either these days.

His hates are similarly specific. He despises his gift—or curse, depends on how you look at it—of always being hit with the truth right in the face.

He loathes smug bastards who used to make him feel unwanted as a teen. Yet he’s hired their king, David Wright, as his sidekick. In Emmett’s defense, he was drunk at the time.

At the top of his hate list are liars and cheaters. They’re the lowest of the low. So why exactly has Emmet agreed to help cheating ex no.1, Byron, to find backstabbing—and now missing—ex no.2, Chris? Especially since the cops think nothing’s amiss.

It’s Murder on the Catwalk

More lying, more cheating, more blasts from the past. With a side of murder.

Just when Emmett thought he was done with exes with a thing for backstabbing, another one falls in his lap. Not his ex, for once. No, this one belongs to Emmett’s new partner at OWL Investigations and former—okay, maybe current—crush, David.

The bad news? Shirou is here to stay and piss off Emmett for the foreseeable future. Why David doesn’t kick him out, Emmett will never know.

The worst news? Emmett can’t stop thinking about the kiss he’s shared with David.

There’s good news, sort of. Emmett gets to travel to a seaside resort in Turkey to investigate a suspicious death.

Too bad he must go back to his modeling roots to find the killer!

Leave Me, Baby, One More Time

Sidekicks are so much trouble!

Especially when you have a soft spot for them. And they’re suspected of murder.

Private investigator Emmett Naoki went to great lengths to stay clear of his assistant and past and present crush, David Wright. Yet one call for help is all it takes for Emmett to drop his vacation plans and run home to save David’s ass. The hardest part is to keep the I told you sos to a minimum.

For months, David has refused to kick Shirou, his ex, to the curb. To no one’s surprise, Shirou puts them all in danger when his long-term lover is murdered. In Emmett and David’s office.

David makes an obvious suspect. He’s also too stubborn to make things easier for himself. Add a possible Yakuza connection, an on-and-off girlfriend with an axe to grind, and David’s lying ex being as useless as ever, and Emmett is served a bitter cocktail of disasters just waiting to happen. Bottoms up!

If you like fast-paced mysteries, snarky private investigators, and enough secrets and trust issues to last you a lifetime, download this binge-worthy three novel collection today and see where Emmett’s “gift” takes him next.

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January 12
Alina Popescu
Alina Popescu

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