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Duncan McKinnon is on leave from the Army Rangers to help his brothers find their missing father. A chance meeting in the airport with the woman he’d seduced on his last trip home makes him want to launch a mission to rekindle their desire. 

Fiona Guthrie left Eagle Rock, Montana after a short-lived love affair with the one guy she’d never stopped loving. Their one-night stand only reinforced the fact Duncan was the only man for her and the baby created from their short union. Now she’s back in Eagle Rock, running for her life and the life of their baby girl. 

When Duncan learns Fiona and her little girl are in trouble, he vows to protect them with his life, not quite understanding the incredible connection he has to the little girl who looks like him. The threat plaguing Fiona might just expose a link to the McKinnon brothers’ missing father.

July 30
Twisted Page Inc

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Agent$$$$ ,

Family Of Three

Fiona has been in love with her best friend since grade school. Only, he doesn’t “see” her as anything more than “one of the boys”. Fiona was always more tomboy than she was girlie girl. After losing her parents, she was welcomed into the McKinnon family, but felt she was truly alone. Until...

Duncan McKinnon, Army Ranger, has returned to Eagle Rock on medical leave after surviving a helicopter crash while deployed. Duncan’s father is missing and they suspect foul play. Duncan hasn’t seen or heard from his best friend, Fee, in over 13mths. Not since they crossed the line one fateful night. After receiving a frantic call from Fee about a break-in at her house, he races over to make sure she’s okay. Only to find out the secret Fee’s been hiding from him and his family the last 9mths. Duncan is a daddy!

Duncan is your typical Alpha man hero. He’s protective, somewhat controlling, honorable, and loving. Duncan realizes Fee is a proud, independent woman who won’t marry him out of obligation. So he sets out to show her his love for her and Caity. While working together to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of his father, the murders of a couple of town’s people, and the break-in at Fee’s house, they realize their love for each other. But can they escape the Faulkner’s treacherous acts? While I truly enjoyed Duncan and Fee’s story, I was a little disappointed at the abrupt ending. I fully expected the McKinnon patriarch to be found. Otherwise, it was a very suspenseful, romantic novel. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Aelissm ,


I so thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was so heartwarming. I loved all the characters. They were so believable. Thank you for this series.

WMW10 ,

Rangers Baby. By Elle James

Love this story, it was hard to put it, I kept reading it to find out what happens next. Looking forward to the next book.

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