The Family Secret

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Just what is the mystery behind Raymond O'Connells disappearance? NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart brings you The Family Secret, an  O’Connell family novel, when a body is discovered at the edge of town, rumors, circumstantial evidence and a chance for revenge lead to one family members’s arrest, and an all out effort to take several other O’Connells down as well.

“Wow what drama, what tension, what suspense.”  Susan Jordens

“This was a very explosive and heart wrenching story. A body is found and the DA is out for blood. As long as it's O'Connell blood, he doesn't much care whose.” KEC200

“This is a tale that is sure to keep you riveted from start to finish. It has twists upon twists, and as the plot thickens, you’ll find the mystery only deepens.”  Catlou

Raymond O’Connell was the love of Iris’s life—from the day she met him, to the day a year later when she married him, to the tragic night before she never saw him again.

Some would say they had the perfect all-American life. Now, eighteen years later, questions arise about the night her husband disappeared, leaving a bloody knife and a letter addressed to her, in which he said goodbye and told her not to look for him, with not even a second thought for her and their six children.

The scandal when Raymond left rocked the community, fueling widespread rumors, from him running away with his mistress to him being dead. But through it all, Iris kept her head down, keeping the secret of what really happened. Although her children often wondered, and her eldest thought he was protecting her from something heinous when she asked him to get rid of the knife, what they didn’t know was that their father wasn’t who they thought he was. Making sure his secret didn’t come out was the only way to keep her family together.

Now, Iris can no longer keep her life with Raymond O’Connell buried, because her adult children are asking questions. The only thing she can think to do to protect herself and them is to enlist the help of a lawyer, her daughter’s husband, fearing that once the truth starts to surface, it could change everything about their lives.

The secret of their father, which Iris has hidden for so long now, has the potential to destroy everything the O’Connells have built for themselves, and once the truth of who Raymond O’Connell really was comes out, it will put a target on all of them, and their lives in peaceful Livingston, Montana, will never be the same.

August 15
Lorhainne Eckhart, INC.
Lorhainne Ekelund

Customer Reviews

Autumn928 ,

Fabulous Family Story

OMG! How to write a review? This book is over the top! Sad, happy, ecstatic, tearful, every emotion you can have! I could not put this book down but read it in one day! Lorhainne’s books are ALWAYS wonderful and this was no exception! Cannot wait for more on this family. LOVED THIS BOOK.

hungrey reader ,

Don’t miss The O’Connell Family series

Ms. Eckhart is a superb writer, I didn’t think this family saga could out do The Friessens, but let me tell you the intrigue, mystery, and suspense of this series has surpassed that of the Friessens. The secrets of the missing father, has kept me on the edge of my seat, and to discover or have reveal he is mossad hiding in plan site just launched my thoughts of what will happened in the next addition into overdrive. Bravo Ms. Eckhart for keeping your readers invested, entertained, worrying, wondering, and wishing each addition was longer and after each book I pre-ordered can’t wait for next book. So many questions, so many ideals and never knowing in which direction this master craft woman is going to go in buy this series.

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