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Two women quarantined together. A world falling into chaos.

When a virus sweeps across the globe, cities and entire countries shut down overnight. THE FEAR zooms in on two women in one small apartment, growing restless and claustrophobic and paranoid. People are dying in droves. Governments are toppling, imploding, lashing out. Martial law, police states, riots, bioterrorism. No one knows what to believe, who to trust.

As the horror ramps up to apocalyptic levels, one of the women is slowly unraveling. She shuts herself away and fears everything. Fears the virus has crawled its way inside, down her throat, into the lining of her stomach. The other woman is afraid, too—afraid of what her increasingly erratic roommate will do to her.

In a pandemic none of us are ready for, should we fear the outside world . . . or what's waiting within?

Fiction & Literature
August 11
Nerdy Wordsmith
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Bozzi1 ,

The Fear is real!

📕Spoiler Free Book Review📕

The Fear - Spencer Hamilton
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 (4.5 rounded up)

Imagine being quarantined for months in your home while a pandemic ravages the world. Wait, haven’t we heard this one before?
Stay with me.

In Part I of The Fear we meet Ash (Ashley) and Jack (Jacqueline), a married couple embarking on their new life together, in a new apartment, and a new city, far away from childhood traumas and judgmental relatives. They have obstacles, both before and after inklings of a pandemic, but our introduction to their world is relatable, and all too realistic. I liked Ash and Jack immediately, but as I finished Part I, I was thinking, “OK Spencer, what are we doing here?”
Not to worry.

Part II is an exploration into the human psyche. How well do you know your partner? How well do you know yourself? How far can a relationship be pushed when there’s no escaping each other, or your own mind? Still relatable, but now uncomfortably so, and fraught with tension over what will happen next.

Part III throws a match on the whole thing and gives us the first taste of true horror, thanks to a little outside influence. I briefly questioned why, but quickly realized I didn’t care as I raced through to see how far the madness would go.

Part IV is a high stakes climax that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew. While Parts I-III were character driven and emotional, Part IV is non-stop action, violence, and pure awesomeness. I didn’t get the ending I was hoping for...I got a better one that I loved even more!

Is this book for everyone? No. If you’re a Trump fan, you might want to stay away. Everyone else? READ THIS BOOK! You can thank me later💁🏻‍♀️

Release Date 8/11/2020

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