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North Korea’s deadliest weapon is sleeper agent Song Sun Young. Married with children and living the good life in New York City, she has waited seven years to activate the mission she was trained to do: infiltrate America’s financial infrastructure. She prays the call from her handlers will never come, because she loves her husband and kids and affluent New York lifestyle.

But the call does come. During volatile negotiations between the White House and Pyongyang, Song is hurled back into a reality she had hoped to leave behind forever.

Unbeknownst to her, the CIA has already broken her cover. Working with “retired” Israeli operative Dalia Artzi, they track the Korean agent as she relentlessly executes her mission. Langley is pulling strings behind the scenes, confident of its advantage in this high-stakes game—until an unforeseen wild card from within its very ranks hijacks the operation for an unthinkable purpose.

Dalia realizes that Song has been the unwitting catalyst for the disaster now unfolding, and that she alone can stop it from engulfing the world.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 9
Blackstone Publishing
Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Ireke Onuma ,


Simply put, this was a good try. But not very absorbing. Loads of information unrelated to the story. 3 stars though.

Dump the maps ,

Not particularly good

I bought this before a flight. My wife is Korean and I am interested in all things Korean. I have read numerous books written by North Koreans who escaped. This book did a mediocre job of developing the main characters and made no effort to explain how a soccer and PTA mom with a loving husband, and two young children could turn into a stone cold killer at the drop of a hat. Likewise little explanation for the crazy who decided to blow up North Korea. The older woman character seemed to be based on the character Hedi of NCIS. I read about half and got bored, but sat down today to finish it. Learned nothing new and not entertained. Not recommended

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