The Long Road to Cullaville

Stories from my travels to every country in the world

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Are You Ready to Explore the World's Most Intriguing Destinations?

"Boris's candor and writing style draws you in, and his journeys are fascinating. I felt like I was sitting beside him, running with him, and experiencing all the joys and exhilaration of meeting new people and places I could never have dreamed of. I highly recommend this book."

--Carrie Pierce, Bestselling Author of Handwritten Notes

Get ready to dive into an unforgettable journey with Boris Kester's riveting book, "The Long Road to Cullaville." Join Boris on his audacious mission to visit every country in the world and experience the astounding beauty, captivating cultures, and memorable adventures that await in some of the most exciting places on our planet.

From the breathtaking landscapes of Yemen to the vibrant streets of Congo, the mysterious island nation of Nauru, the awe-inspiring terrain of Afghanistan, and many other lesser visited yet equally fascinating countries, Boris's vivid storytelling will transport you to the heart of each location. This collection of sixteen enthralling stories is an open invitation to immerse yourself in the magic of travel, as you bear witness to the power of fate and the inherent risks that come with each journey.

Perfect for both seasoned globetrotters and armchair travelers, "The Long Road to Cullaville" will inspire wanderlust and curiosity in everyone. Whether you're dreaming of visiting every country in the world or simply yearning for a taste of the unknown, this book will undoubtedly change the way you see our world.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey! Grab your copy of "The Long Road to Cullaville."

Boris Kester is a man of many talents: a senior purser, programmer, political scientist, sports enthusiast, polyglot and fearless adventurer. His passion for exploring the world is evident in his captivating travel photos and stories, which he shares on  According to the authoritative travel site, Boris ranks among the 100 most traveled persons in the world."

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May 31
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