4 Seasons, 4 Personalities: Age-old secrets of the season cycle – Revealed‪!‬

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Here comes a fresh new take on personality types based on ancient insights that reveal our intimate links with Nature’s seasons. Humanity has been closely connected to the seasonal cycle since time out of mind. The thinkers of old noticed that our personality traits paralleled the characteristics of the seasons and the elements they associated with them.
This book shows how you can tap into the power of the four seasons to build better relationships and release many of the blockages that are sabotaging your efforts to achieve your goals and dreams.
You will learn why Summer and Winter people are as different as fire and water. You will know how to spot a free-spirited Spring personality or better understand your Autumn boss.
Ultimately, you can’t force people to change. But if you believe that transforming your world begins with yourself, then this book is written with you in mind.

About the Author

Driven by an urge to help others, Grahame Bennett has lived alongside countless people in some 40 countries. His volunteer social outreach activities combined with a career in the news media has brought him face-to-face with people from most walks of life, ranging from those living in abject poverty to billionaire presidents.
He concludes that underneath all our external differences, we share similar ambitions and fears. The differences are only of degree and expression.

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16 de junho
Grahame Bennett
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