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"Myth and legend has generally been ambivalent towards the nature of the Moon. Many see it as a sterile sphere controlling the cycles of life and death, driving mankind back into incarnation. This view seems to be found in such diverse traditions as the Vedas and Hermeticism.
Madame Blavatsky viewed it as a negative sphere and a dead world, while G. I. Gurdjieff saw it as a parasitical magnet, drawing off human psychic energy and that all events in human history were subtly influenced by this hidden power since we were under the dominion of the Moon. Magicians such as Eliphas Levi saw the Moon as the doorway to the astral light (which can be either negative or positive), but more often than not as a field of ‘glamour’ confusing and controlling mankind.
Is the Moon some sort of malicious demiurge controlling and manipulating mankind, using pain and suffering, fear and terror for its own purposes, existing both inside and out of us? If our own minds create the material world as many now think, then the story is far more complex than we might first consider. These are the questions Roger Turner sets out to answer in this challenging book.
Turner discusses how in traditional cultures there was a trinity of Earth, Sun and Moon, but over time the Earth and Sun traditions were suppressed leaving the lunar cult in ascendancy. Turner examines the nature of this trinity in quite some detail as well as the light and dark faces of the Moon.
He offers an exhaustive study of the history, mythology and religious expression of these three forces as well as related iconography such as the serpent. His exposition is extensive showing an encyclopaedic knowledge of myth, legend and the deeper meaning of religious language.
Examining lunar and solar traditions, Turner makes some startling discoveries about the god of the Old Testament and the Sun-son of the New Testament that resonates with much Cathar and Gnostic speculation. This may all seem like metaphysics but Turner connects the concepts to the real world of humans – war, violence, money and the manipulation of mind. Turner controversially concludes that the Moon reflects our psyche and that the many Moon gods from YHVH, Kronos and Saturn are projections of the repressed facets of our un-conscious.
He suggests that if we realise the gods come from within our collective selves and we wretch back control of our lives and take full responsibility, then a true golden age will dawn". - Robert Black, New Dawn Magazine book reviews.

Religião e espiritualidade
19 novembro
Roger Turner
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