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With love for Christ and a burning desire to help men understand their God-ordained roles as husbands, we offer this issue of the Free Grace Broadcaster, A Husband’s Love. Matthew Henry sets the stage for the rest of the articles with his comments on Genesis 2—man’s responsibility to love his wife began in the Garden of Eden. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones then describes a Christlike love for us, since the Lord Jesus is the model from which husbands must learn how to love. What are the responsibilities of such a love? Ezekiel Hopkins gives us an overview. John Angell James then gives us a detailed survey of how Christ loved His church. In a second article, Lloyd-Jones carefully and biblically explains how men may love their wives as they love themselves. In a profound and deeply challenging article, Benjamin Palmer gives us insight into the force of love, the abuse of authority, and the affect these have on a woman’s heart. This article may be a difficult read for some, but it is worth repeated and prayerful reading. Men know well how to love themselves, and John Angell James appeals to them to apply the same to their wives. And who better than Charles Spurgeon can take the golden example of Christ loving His church and bringing it home to a husband’s heart? He does so with great power, clarity, and verve. Finally, with a heart full of Puritan fire, George Swinnock offers up a husband’s prayer for the grace to love as Christ and for the spiritual wellbeing of his dear wife. These articles will richly repay those who prayerfully apply them.

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6 setembro
Chapel Library
Mt Zion Bible Church of Pensacola Inc

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