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Discover over 50 Ridiculously Easy, Nutrient-Packed, Super Clean, Healthy & Tasty Alkaline Keto Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes or Less!

Alkaline Keto Salads will help you:

-achieve natural, healthy and sustainable weight loss (without calorie counting or starving yourself)

-boost your metabolism and burn fat

-rebalance your hormones and feel great in your body

-enjoy unstoppable energy all day long!

-save time on fancy and complicated health meals

-live an incredibly healthy lifestyle + invest in longevity

Why is Alkaline Keto such a great combo?

Alkaline = healthy plant-based foods, nutrient-packed vegetables, low sugar fruits, superfood herbs & greens

Keto = healthy and clean animal protein, good fats, nuts & seeds

Alkaline Keto Combo = BALANCE + TASTE!

With alkaline keto salad recipes, you can take care of your health on autopilot without having to stick to any complicated diets or feeling deprived.

All Alkaline Keto Salads are:

-naturally gluten-free

-naturally sugar-free

-super high in nutrients and metabolism-boosting alkaline keto superfoods

-high in good fats to help you enjoy more energy naturally without having to rely on sugar or crappy, processed carbs

-rich in healing greens and chlorophyll

Here's EXACTLY what you will discover inside:

-the common mistakes people make with a keto diet (and how to fix them with alkaline foods)

-the healthiest way to combine plants with animal products

-simple tips to make delicious, low carb, high fat, no sugar drinks, meals and treats you enjoy

-common misconceptions about the alkaline diet (it's NOT about raising your pH).

-simple alkaline keto-friendly food lists to follow

-BONUS- proven alkaline keto-approved tips for eating out

+ Proven & Effective Alkaline Ketogenic Lifestyle & Motivation Tips to:

-start losing weight naturally, without feeling deprived

-get rid of sugar cravings

-control your eating habits

-enjoy delicious, creamy meals without feeling guilty

Alkaline Keto Salads are easy to stick to because they taste delicious.

You can make them at home, quickly and inexpensively.

They make great filling lunches and beautiful dinners. 

Alkaline Keto Salads use the most effective alkaline keto superfoods to help you boost your metabolism and enjoy unlimited energy!

Ready to improve your health, enjoy more energy and, if desired, start losing weight with alkaline keto salads?

Order your copy now and join thousands of others who have already lost weight and reclaimed their health using an alkaline ketogenic lifestyle!

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October 22
Elena Garcia
Draft2Digital, LLC

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