Angel Bind (Gay Soulbinding Erotica‪)‬

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Soulbonding with a fallen angel was not something that Eli had planned, but when he suffers a near fatal injury, he is forced to complete the bond. Unfortunately for both of them, with the bond comes unrestricted access to each other's memories and dreams resulting in a powerful attraction which leads them both into temptation.

Warning! This erotica series is for adults only. Contains explicit gay sex scenes.

The wasteland seemed to treat Eli better than it did others. It was as if someone was looking out for him.

He had heard stories when he was little. Stories of men mysteriously disappearing while away from the refuge. This made him all the more careful. He had lost count of how many times he had been overlooked by groups of bandits and marauders that were just looking for trouble. He even seemed to be invisible to demons, who were known for their excellent sense of smell. Perhaps it was because he did things outside of normal protocol, or perhaps he was just lucky. He didn’t think about it too much. He was just glad to be helping.

Teams of four would leave early in the morning and not return until their packs were full of salvaged goodies for the rest of their friends and family. A younger Eli would watch with excitement. Most days, the job was boring. It consisted of finding abandoned homes and rundown supermarkets in hopes of finding an unopened can of beans. On rarer occasions, the scouting teams would come across other humans trying to make their own way in the world. Not all of them were friendly.
While he made it very clear to his friends that the refuge was home for him, the wasteland had a sort of therapeutic effect on him. He was happy being alone. He was happy to go out on his own, to be one that people counted on for sustenance.

Eli began to make his way towards the crash site. He knew his way around the immediate area, less so the further he went out, but this seemed to still be in his area of expertise.

When he finally arrived, he could see the dust still settling and hoped he would be the first one there. Despite being supernatural creatures, angels and demons alike still carried valuables on them. Most scouts tried to avoid craters because they could contain a nasty demon. The risk wasn’t worth the reward.

Rarely, they contained the remains of a fallen angel. This wasn’t better because it still attracted prospectors like gnats to honey.

A fallen angel was like striking gold to humans.The broken pieces of battle armor that usually came with the angel could be repaired to guarantee the safety of another refugee. Needlessly to say, it was a lot more valuable than typical food or even medical salvage.

The dust had finally settled a bit. There, in the crater, was the angel with a fully intact suit of armor. Eli had never heard of one being in such pristine condition. He couldn’t help himself from running down to the center of the crash to investigate.

Eli, himself, had never seen a fallen angel before. Stories he was told as a kid were all he had to go on, and they were anything but consistent. He had long ago written them off as fairy tales, but to see an angel in person made it hard for him to cast those stories aside. Stories of mutilated corpses picked apart by buzzards that were faster than the human that was there first. Stories of monstrous wings that spanned the length of ten men. Stories that now held no meaning now that he was staring directly at a fully intact angel that had fallen from the sky.

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Jessie Krowe
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