Autophagy: Unlock the Secrets of Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, and Healing with Intermittent and Extended Water Fasting

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If you want to understand autophagy and its benefits, then do read on…

This book strives to help you out in understanding what autophagy is and how it works, its benefits, and how to induce it with fasting and diet changes. There is no code or secret behind it and the book will give you a comprehensive guide on everything involved.

Autophagy involves the natural process with which the body rids itself of toxins, waste, and inflammatory agents. It is a necessary process which is crucial in preventing chronic diseases while maintaining metabolic and hormonal balance.

Recently many new diets have arisen which take advantage of autophagy to help people lose weight. Intermittent fasting, water fasting, etc. are proven to assist in weight loss for both men and women, all while reducing the incidence of chronic diseases.

The body essentially detoxifies itself of metabolites and oxidative by-products that have the potential to cause chronic damage and inflammation. By cleansing itself of detriment, autophagy reduces aging by preventing damage at a cellular level.

Now you might be wondering how this translates into macroscopic changes. Chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiac conditions, and hypertension are caused by damage over time and this deterioration is what autophagy treats.

Diets involving autophagy reset your metabolism to burn fat more efficiently and reduce insulin resistance all while ridding your body of LDLs and oxidative waste.

This improves overall well-being, reduces weight, and promotes lean muscle gain. You end up thinner and stronger, while delaying age-related degenerative diseases.

So, all in all this book can help you in:
Understanding the process of autophagy, how it works and its benefits.How intermittent fasting, water fasting, and other diets work.How to best fast, without denying yourself of the occasional feast.How to couple fasting with exercise to maximize weight loss and increase lean muscle mass.Clearing away myths and misconceptions involving fasting and diets.Things to consider while fasting, and whether fasting suits you or not.How to keep your body healthy without repeating any harmful practices.Tips, tricks, and basic dos and don'ts to make fasting easier.

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