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Watch out—the Hottest Leather Daddy Werebear has just hit London. Because of his Bear heritage, the Werebear goes into a type of hibernation during the Winter when he loses weight and an interest in sex. But when Spring comes, the largest and most powerful of Shifters is ready to indulge his appetites for food and rough sex. When he meets a nerdy fat human cub the sparks begin to fly. He can’t keep his hands off the cub as he’s shoveling food into the cub’s mouth and his own. But humans are so delicate compared to Shifters, the Werebear’s mantra has become “Pace yourself, Pace yourself.” Not all human lovers of Werebears survive.

A ProfessorFatology Special Selection

(An adults only story of supernatural gaining and fat fetish that’s so hot your ereader may melt. All characters are over the age of 18.)


He grinned and started walking towards me.

“Barry,” he said, holding out his hand. Because I was sitting we were almost at eye level.

“Geir,” I replied.

“That’s an unusual name,” he said.

“It’s an old Norse name. It means Spear.”

He couldn’t help it—when I said Spear he looked at my crotch. I wondered if we’d be doing it in my hotel room or his. There was always the museum’s restroom but he made me think so much of Paul I wanted to have our first time be special. I normally didn’t mind putting the “did” in “sordid,” but Barry deserved better. I was also conscious of pacing myself so I wouldn’t give Elias yet another reason for judging me. Barry sat beside me, the bench barely big enough for the both of us. His left knee lightly rested against my right one. “Wow—it’s great to meet another American.” His smile made my heart melt. His face was round and open. He had the same sort of innocence Paul had always shown. Until you got him in bed.

Ficção científica e fantasia
23 de agosto
Skye Eagleday
Smashwords, Inc.

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