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Obesity is omnipresent today

In many cities over half of the adults are obese, and many of the children are as well. One of the largest contributors to obesity is binge eating. Binge eating is when someone is driven to eat compulsively and keeps eating passed the point of fullness and even passed the point of physical pain.

It is often done in an altered state of consciousness in which the eater doesn't even notice that she/he is eating. Binge eating quite often, is a contributing factor to the diabetes epidemic.

This book will discuss the causes of binge eating and learn how to stop it!

By learning what triggers a binge eating episode, a person is empowered to break the cycle that keeps them unhealthy and unhappy.

Also explained is why diets will not make you thinner nor stop overeating. The bad habits that keep you locked into continuing binge eating are described along with an easy way to do away with them. A guide to making a food plan that will give you complete control over your food intake is included.

Finally, a discussion devoted to strategies for continued success in avoiding binge eating and its associated maladies into the future.

Topics include:
Why dieting doesn't workWhy you should eat the foods you crave and not deny yourselfHow to recognize the things that trigger binge eatingHow to neutralize triggersHow you can be overweight and malnourished at the same timeIdentifying and eliminating bad habits that contribute to bingeingThe difference between nutrient rich healthy food and nutrient poor processed foodHow to improve body image and self confidenceWhere does the urge to binge come fromHow to avoid getting diabetesFreeing yourself from binge eatingHow to meal plan

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