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Bertie and Truffle are two fine New York Pigeons that believe the time for revolution has arrived. How dare the feline f***s control the destiny of the city's birds! No way, it's time for a change, a strategic change that will go down in history as one of the most unusual protests to have ever taken place! For far too long the cats have controlled the city limits and the interior. Let's face it, sooner or later something had to give and as it turns out Bertie and Truffle are the birds most suited to start the revolution. It's not gonna be pretty (bird s**t) never is, but it's gonna be effective and give those rotten cats the wake up call they need! After how long can you watch on as your brothers and sisters succumb to the wrath of the feline overlords. To say the aftermath is repulsive is an understatement, but then again what did you expect to see once one of those evil fury f***s had bitten the head off from one of member form your flock. Death is never pretty but it shouldn't be as horrific as this. Most pigeons would rather fall prey to the city's rats than the city's cats! At least they finish you off properly. The time for revolution is now and this time it's gonna be from the air where Bird S**t is at it's most effective! Who will survive this historic event? The birds or the cats? Bird S**t is not pretty but boy oh boy when it's suddenly raining down on you ....... it is perhaps one of the most ingenious weapons ever conceived!

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1 Janeiro
Rod Seeber
Smashwords, Inc.

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