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Volume One

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A Three Volume series The Blue Star Transmissions have been heard by people all over the world for well over 20 years. Although they began on the internet in 1997, Blue Star has been quite vocal in his teachings at conferences, seminars and workshops well before that. He speaks of Earth changes, evolution, the Illuminati, politics and religions in his usual straightforward manner. Blue Star’s knowledge of the human race and its origins as well as the potential which lies waiting in its future is quite impressive. Followed closely, his Universal teachings will aid the human race on its evolutionary path. The Russian Connection – we shall get down to the "nitty gritty" of what is going on in the Russian airspace. In 1923 The Apocalypse Here and Now – much has been written lately and much has been discussed relating to the apocalypse and that which is known as The Rapture. Libido Rising – so much of what ails the Earth star planet is centered around what is perceived to be "the mysteries of life," insomuch as there are no TRUE mysteries here, rather that there are Reflections in a Golden Hour – the story of the birthing of the Golden Time Of God now takes center stage in all of your otherwise mundane existences. The Soul Purpose of the Dance of Light – So much is being created and re-created here and now, by the Earth star’s peoples, indeed it is the fact that you do not choose to live for your beliefs, you rather die for your beliefs When Walk-Ins "Time Walk" – It is indeed with great astonishment that my brethren and I gaze upon the wonders which you are each Creating in your worlds-for better or worse. On the Trail of the Illuminati, a five (5) part series - Celest; In the summer of 2002 Blue Star informed me that he wanted to write an in-depth series about the Illuminati. He told me that he had plans to cover myriad issues he believed people needed to know about. He wanted the people in the world to see more clearly how well they had been duped; the hows and the whys. Never, NEVER, did I expect this saga to become so intense and sooo long! The Trials and Tribulations, the Do’s and Don’ts, the Intrepid and the Culpability of Remote Viewers. Demystification of Remote Viewing – I arrive here today to share yet again "timely" information relative to the egocentric views of those who believe themselves to be "the know it-alls." 911-Rollover and Play Dead – before I delve into the 911 infamy, I feel it is incumbent to first discuss issues which are not only of great relevance to the why and wherefore of that situation, but perhaps it will indeed cause many of you ones to think in new ways The Chaos Theory – relative to all forms of evolution is the commencement of instances of "special" occurrences, "special" circumstances, as well as perceived random events which correlate in one manner or another to either an ongoing incident, or one that will soon take place. 911 and Katrina –We do so as you attempt to grapple with the latest governmental atrocity resulting in needless death and terror An Extraterrestrial Communiqué – Far be it for me to say, "I told you so," but I did. Space Armies – Greetings to all Earthizens, greetings to the different governments who are showing such GREAT interest in reading my words. This goes to prove it is never too late for "fallen angels" to re-learn all they have forgotten. The Winter People – I most heartily welcome you into a macrocosmic realm, this one has been little known to many humans, it is a "realm of truth." This Godumentary shall be an exercise in understanding the differences that make each Being unique. Dream Voices – welcome to my realm. Now, it is due to the extraordinary preponderance of fear running amuck even more so than usual on Earth that I have selected this topic to discuss. Blue Star’s Controversial Message – It is indeed with great heaviness in my heart that I observe those who see themselves as "Light Weavers," falling

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