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Young and beautiful Miranda Morgan is the daughter of a prominent Augusta attorney. She could have her pick of men if she didnt mistrust them. Once a victim, she is now a strong, healthy, independent woman who is baffled by them and would just as soon mock as admire them. When en-route home with her best friend, they run out of gas and are stranded on a lonely country road. With an injured ankle, Miranda must wait while her friend walks for help. When two biker brothers deceptively offer help, her love of motorcycles leaves her vulnerable. After a scuffle and a blow to the neck, she wakes up in their home where she is presented to a big man known to the bikers as Ben. She is leery of this tall, seemingly big man with strange pale eyes after he warns her; I can kill a man with one bare hand. Against both their wishes, the two are forced together in his close quarters.

Even with his secrets and his own reluctance to trust her, he repeatedly urges; If you want to survive, youre going to have to trust me. Being a former victim of molestation and fearing her well being and life in jeopardy, by her experience thus far, Miranda must rely on her wits and knowledge to stay alive. With her mistrust of Ben, their predicament and her believing he is partners with the bikers, tensions grow between them as do the tensions around them caused by the threat of the two bikers wishing harm to Miranda. Her instincts are to be wary of this one, but ultimately she realizes that she must learn to trust him as he says.

Only time is her friend as she observes him unawares through the window as he works outside; and in his treatment of her. These observations prove to her that he is not like the others and that he is a kind, gentle and nurturing man. He too has been observing her, watching her personality come through bit by bit as she lets her guard down. He grows a fondness for her and as they become friends and trust grows between them; their secrets begin to be revealed and a mutual attraction grows.

With their conflicts resolved and discord turned to harmony, she is now in love and reluctant to leave when this man now tells her it is time for her to make her escape. She makes an early departure with tears in her eyes and holding onto his promise to come for her. With an emotional journey home, she is met with surprises along the way and is then reunited with her family and friends. She is not the same while trying to adjust to her former life as she pines for the one she has come to love and the comfort she has come to know. When she least expects it, he comes for her as promised, with surprises as usual. But both are dumbfounded when a simple celebration is turned into their surprise wedding day.

Miranda never imagines that in that awful place, she will find a source of comfort, desire and fall in love with the one man who will share her passions and love her endlessly. Her story is intense, emotional and filled with excitement, coincidences, love, passion and the shared joys of motorcycle adventures.

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