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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Tropical Storms, Friend Zone and now the complete book of the Chains of Darkness Series....

There is the never-ending battle of light and darkness that symbolizes the balance of the world. This balance is threatened by one entity - a being that is both a demon and angel. It should be stopped in its quest of ultimate destruction. And one teen-age girl is chosen to do just that. Is she up for the task?

Fifteen-year-old Melinda escapes the madness of the cult she was trapped in since she became an orphan, but not without bringing with her a boy named Caleb. She has a unique ability of seeing what regular people cannot—the aura of angels and demons. Caleb has the fading aura of an angel and he was imprisoned and tortured by the Elders of the cult. With the help of Gabe, a close friend she has not seen for three years, Melinda escapes with Caleb.

Melinda and Gabe discover what Caleb really is—an evil force that will upset the balance of good and evil that has existed for millennia. He can only be subsumed by the one whose blood runs in his veins, a fallen angel named Daniel. But Daniel is in hell, being tortured for all eternity.

Angel Ariel and Demon Azgaroth attempt to use Melinda to stop Caleb, but even as she is willing, things still take a turn for the worse when they all realize it's not that simple. Their attempt to find a way to stop him will take them to the ends of the earth and to hell and back, in a journey that is beyond enemies and friends, beyond love and hope, and beyond the need to survive….

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“I DON'T UNDERSTAND,” Melinda says, now. “What’s this got to do with Caleb?”

“After Daniel fell from grace, we lost track of him,” Ariel says. “A few years later, Father Pendleton informed us that he’d died in a car accident. He performed the last rites and sent us a vial of his blood, as a kind of memento, or something. I don’t know—you humans are always so sentimental.

“Anyway, after the magma worm killed Uriel, we—and by that I mean the seraphim—nullified the truce and were commanded to catch a demon. What hell did to Remiel, we would do to one of theirs, so we caught a demon, and then the archangels used Daniel’s blood to wrestle him into an angelic form, and bind him to our side. At least, that was the idea, because he escaped before he could be bound, and, well, you’ve seen what he can do.”

“So how do you stop him?” Melinda asks.

“That’s the thing. We can’t,” Azgaroth says. “Neither of us can kill our own kind. And since he’s half of each, nobody can touch him. The only one that can kill him is the one who spawned him, and Daniel is already dead.”

“But he did father a child before he died,” Ariel jumps in, before Melinda can say anything. “A daughter.”

And Melinda puts two and two together, and suddenly their interest in her makes a lot more sense. “So…you’re saying that I’m the only one who can stop him,” Melinda says, slowly.

Now she understands—or at least, she thinks she does—why Caleb didn’t destroy her and Gabe.

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14 Agosto
Sandra Ross
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