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Winning the World Cup in 1966 was the high watermark in the history of the England national football team. Both before and after The Day, however, the Three Lions have a chequered history in the world’s biggest footballing event. This book seeks to chart a path through that history, stopping for contemplation at various points on the way. It’s a journey full of highs and lows, with memories both golden and tarnished, and an occasional dip into some iconic games and events where England weren’t involved.

Completed ahead of the World Cup Finals of 2018, the book offers an account of the story up until that event. How will England fare in Russia? Only time will tell, but perhaps a review of the history up until that time may give an indication as to why it ended up as it did.

It’s a tale of smiles and frowns, of joys and sorrow, and indeed of Cheers, Tears and Jeers. It’s the history of England and the World Cup.


Writing any book can be a fearsome venture. This particular tome took almost three years to complete before it even reached the hands of the publishers.

Research into hundreds of games covering many, many decades was a test of commitment and dedication. Sourcing information, searching old newspapers, countless delving into YouTube videos and any number of reference books, writing, rewriting, double-checking, amending, rewrites—and then repeat. Still with the possibility of occasional errors creeping through. With such a plethora of facts and stats, please forgive any that may have stealthily escaped the critical eyes of umpteen checks and reviews ahead of publication.

It’s difficult to look back now and consider the opportunity cost for the time spent in getting to this stage, but that moment of joy when the job was completed, pays for all.

My aim was to write a history as a neutral observer. As a fan, teasing away the partisan emotion wasn’t easy. I hope I’ve broadly achieved that though. I also hope that you find this book both interesting and enjoyable to read.

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29 abril
Austin Macauley
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