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The Christmas adventures continue. The second volume of the holiday tales you never heard growing up...


Eb Scrooge is left to run Avocado, Inc., an innovative technology business, all alone. An introverted shut-in locked away in a Colorado mansion, only his servant droids keep him company. Until the gifts arrive.



When Kandi's dad gets a mysterious call, they fly to a tropical island. Despite the heat, his sunburned client wears a heavy cloak. The world doesn't know it yet, but Santa Claus is missing. Kandi knows where he is.


There's one Christmas story no one has ever heard, the legend of the biggest and baddest reindeer of them all, the one who leads the sleigh and protects the herd. Billy Big Game doesn't want to discover the last reindeer. He wants to capture him.

A very good read with an ending that will not disappoint. –Review for Humbug

Even Dickens would approve. –Review for Humbug

You'll LOVE Humbug! –Review for Humbug

Another great addition to the Claus series –Review for Humbug

A great retelling of a classic story - with a sci-fi twist. –Review for Humbug

A total 10! I love it. –Review for Humbug

I absolutely love his Christmas series. –Review for The Rise of the Miser

All of these winter wonderland characters are given new and meaningful outlooks as the author re-writes their stories… –Review for The Rise of the Miser

A must read for all Santa followers. –Review for The Rise of the Miser

Great characters and an awesome twist at the end. –Review for The Rise of the Miser

I love everything he has every written but this is a personal favorite!!! –Review for The Rise of the Miser

"Tony does it again! Another fabulous installment in the world of Claus that takes me back to my childhood but adds a whole new perspective!" -- Review for Ronin

"Absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED Ronin" -- Review for Ronin

"I absolutely loved it!" -- Review for Ronin

"The greatest EVER!" -- Review for Ronin

"Pick up the Claus series and transform the holiday season into something unbelievable." -- Review for Ronin

"I loved the book!! Kept me guessing for a long time! I even had to go back and reread the rest of the series! " -- Review for Ronin

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