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Caleb Carter, hotshot quarterback for the State University Bluehounds, is tired of being set on the sidelines while his teammates get all the glory. He wants to transfer to another school that’s willing to let him impress the pro scouts, and all the schools are desperate to get his interest. As a physical trainer for the rival Western University Scarlet Hornets, I’ve been sent to show him that we’re willing to do anything to get him to transfer to us… Even if that means getting f****d, sucked, and covered in cum by the entire offensive line!

Warning: This 4,900-word short story contains graphic descriptions of group sex between one woman and seven men. It includes oral sex, a**l sex, vaginal sex and handjobs, as well as a finish involving multiple men ejaculating on a woman, covering her in their hot, sticky cream.

* * *

Caleb chuckled, looking down at me. “You know, I’m nothing without my boys,” he said. “Any deal that involves me going to Western is going to be worthless if I can’t bring them with me.”

He gestured with his head, and the men moved to surround me. The air was thick with the strong musk of their sweat, mixed in with the fresh, clean smell of the sod that covered the practice field. I could tell that they had had a long workout, but their energy was suddenly returning at the sight of a girl wearing only a skirt and a coat of cum.

“Well? What do you say?” Caleb said as I sat up. His hand was on my thigh, gently rubbing my skin and moving up towards my pussy.

I felt a surge of adrenaline as I looked at all the cocks around me, and the hungry eyes gazing over every inch of my body. I had f****d plenty of guys before, but never more than one at a time, and certainly not six or seven. I was shocked to realize that my pussy was even wetter than it had been at the thought of having multiple cocks inside myself, and I surprised myself at how willing I suddenly felt at going through with this.

“Bring it on, boys!” I said. I leaned forward and took the nearest cock into my mouth, and was rewarded with the sweaty, salty taste. My heart began pounding as I began working my lips and tongue, and hands began pawing at my breasts, grabbing my tits and twisting and pinching my nipples.

I tilted forward onto my stomach, offering up my ass to the men behind me as I kept sucking on the one in front of me. I felt a thick cock slide into my c**t, parting my wet folds and filling me up, stretching me wide. I felt hands grab my ass and hold me in place as he began to f**k me in earnest, pumping in and out.

I could feel the cum on my chest smearing on the bench as my body moved. Someone came up next to me and grabbed my hand, wrapping my fingers around a slick, rock-hard cock. Mindlessly I gripped it tightly and began to pump, squeezing the meat as I slid my hand up and down, pumping.

As I did this, I angled myself so that I could deep-throat the cock that I was sucking on. The man in front of me grabbed my head to hold me steady and began f*****g my throat in earnest, matching the pace of the man behind me. My heart sang as I gave myself over to them entirely, getting spit-roasted by these two young studs in prime physical condition, being manhandled by these delicious examples of virility.

My hair flew back and forth as they f****d me, and soon I felt them cumming. I clenched my pussy muscles as tight as I could as the man behind me ground in, filling me up with his hot spunk. With my mouth, I drew upwards on the shaft of the man in front of me, keeping the head well clear of the back of my throat; no way was I going to miss tasting another load! I was rewarded with a mouthful of warm, salty cum, and I massaged his shaft with my tongue and sucked on the rim of his head as it twitched and jerked between my lips.

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3 Junho
Penelope Wilson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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