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There is no such thing as a good or bad discipline. There is only a trained discipline and an untrained discipline.

Imagine how you would feel if you woke up everyday, knowing that everyday is going to be a great day. And I do not mean a good day… or a fine day. I mean a GREAT day, each and every single day. Imagine how you would be breathing, how you would be standing, and how you would be feeling.

How about waking up and subconsciously knowing your mind, body and soul is wired to have a great day? Instead of feeling lost, exhausted and drained the moment you wake up, you now feel grateful, thrilled and excited about all the wonderful things that are going to happen that day. What if all you needed was a few simple habits that would help you stop procrastinating and easily achieve your daily goals?

Daily Self-Discipline is a blueprint. It unlocks daily habits and mindset to help you build sustainable self-discipline and achieve your wildest goals. Every lesson and principle is scientifically-driven and made to be as actionable as possible. In an unprecedented age of electronics and internet, we've been gifted so much… and yet so much has been stolen from us...

Our focus…

Our attention…

And yes… our self-discipline...

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments" - Jim Rohn

What have you been keeping off? What could you have achieved if you not only had the idea but acted upon the idea? Think about it. Have you ever learnt something new and you said, this is going to change my life if I applied it? And ended up DOING NOTHING? Do you think maybe it is time to realize that what you may need is not more information but perhaps more self-discipline?

Unlike other self-discipline books, Daily Self-Discipline is an actionable and scientifically backed guide to aid you on your journey to achieving your greatest ambitions. Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you've got. NOW is the time get back one of our greatest inborn gift that was stolen from us. Are you ready to fight back and conquer yourself?

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In Daily Self-Discipline you will discover:

How to stretch yourself without breaking yourself.

How to break free of negative self-talk and build the mental toughness we're all gifted with.

How to manage your self-discipline daily so that the discipline is not just attainable but sustainable.

How to get past traps that challenge your self-discipline.

How to get disciplined and STAY disciplined… and feel damn good about it!

And much more…

Jim Rohn, the original teacher of Tony Robbins once said: "Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better." Are you ready to step up and take your life up to the next level?

What you could only dream of, someone else have already done it. It is possible and self-discipline is possible if you have the right blueprint to guide you.

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