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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt somebody is getting the better side of the deal and you cannot seem to fight it?

If you answered yes to this question, then you have experienced the science and arts of Dark Psychology first hand. Keep on reading because you are going to learn about a whole new dimension of human Psychology that you encounter in your everyday life and need to protect yourself from it!

Dark psychology has been used since the dawn of early man. Deception and Persuasion play into survival of the fittest. In essence, as long as humans have had thoughts in their heads, they've been thinking about how to outsmart and outwit other humans. It is only in the last century and a half that dark psychology has been studied in a modern sense, with the rise of criminology and forensic psychology as recognized sciences. Many pieces of the dark psychology puzzle were put into place well before then.

In other words, Dark Psychology is anything that appeals to the baser side of human thought. Dark psychology is based on instinct, gut feeling, and the ability to read others. Whether using it to fight crime, hit sales quotas, or find a lover, dark psychology is all around us. Its power lies in how we use it, how we guard ourselves against it, and how we take it upon ourselves to study it.

Over the course of the coming chapters, we're going to examine many forms of Dark Psychology in depth. That knowledge will be yours to keep and use as you see fit. But as we go through and discuss the history and methodology of each facet of dark psychology, take the time to ask yourself three questions, "How do I recognize this behavior in others? What could I gain from using this? What could I lose by having this used against me?"

If you can easily answer those three questions, you've probably got a strong grasp on the concept, and you'll have a much better chance of awareness when that method is being used by you or towards you.

In this book we will discuss the following topics:
   Dark Psychology Secrets    Types of Dark Psychology and Manipulation Tactics  Uses Dark Psychology in Daily Life  Advanced Dark Psychology Persuasion Techniques  Dark Psychology and Human Behavior  Manipulation Techniques in Relationships  Mind Control Techniques  Deception Tactics  Brainwashing  The Power of Persuasion  How to Detect When Manipulation   And Much More!           
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