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When a person becomes diabetic, a shift occurs in their beneficial bacteria population. Beneficial bacteria reside in your intestines and are extremely important to your health; life itself. They comprise about 80% of your immune system, which is partly why it is said that diabetics have an impaired immune function. Diabetics suffer a significant loss in their intestinal flora population, which has devastating consequences.
When the beneficial bacteria population is sub-par, the body loses its ability to control the bad bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other pathogen populations. Their populations explode in size; to a point where it is not possible to restore the beneficial flora population unless they are treated. They begin to produce massive amounts of acidic toxins that travel throughout the body in the bloodstream. The Candida and parasites form new colonies and continue to grow in volume and spread. Recurring yeast infections, jock itch, athlete’s foot, toenail fungi, skin conditions, allergies, and many other conditions develop that people rarely associate with them. Candida and parasites cause food cravings, especially for sweets, which is their favorite food. They eat the vitamins from your food that otherwise would have nourished your body.
The body produces antibodies in an attempt to destroy the acidic toxins. These antibodies, for reasons unknown, travel to the thyroid gland and destroy healthy cells, which leads to hypothyroidism. The body also produces new fat cells, fills them with fat, and then stuffs the acidic toxins into the stored fat to get rid of them. That means that as long as you have any of the three (hypothyroidism, Candida, or parasites) your weight loss efforts will be totally unsuccessful, and you will continue to slowly gain weight. Also, the inflammation that is so common in diabetics also attacks and destroys the healthy cells of the thyroid gland.
Hypothyroidism is well known for causing weight gain, and preventing weight loss. It totally shuts down the body’s metabolism, and increases cholesterol levels, among other things. It is a very dangerous condition that must be treated. Blood tests are notorious for giving a false negative for hypothyroidism (80% of the time). Doctors treat it by prescribing medications that are synthetic forms of thyroid hormones. They do not seek to fix the causes of hypothyroidism, so the patient remains on thyroid medications for the rest of their life.
It is easy to determine if you have Candida, parasites, and/or hypothyroidism. In fact it is important that they all be treated together in order to prevent their return. They each promote the development of the others. Restoring the beneficial bacteria population is also easy, which follows the initial treatment of these conditions. This book helps you understand more about how these conditions develop, how they function, how to determine if you have them and to what extent, and finally, how to treat them safely and naturally, once and for all. Then your body will be enabled to restore diabetic control, restore its immune function, and lose the weight that has plagued you for so long.

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Thomas Nelson
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