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Special news alert: life doesn’t go according to plan. 

Just ask the Haven family.


Epperly Haven, a college student yearning to enter the “real world,” has two goals: a) for her daydreams to become reality and b) to live somewhere other than Kansas City. She’s not asking for the world, just the basics, like, her own personal rom-com complete with fabulous clothes and a Mr. Darcy. But so far, she’s yet to establish a lifestyle, or even a reality, different from the one she’s lived the past twenty-one years.


Her mother, Beth, hopes to establish a new life too, one free from anxiety and worrying what others think. Is one day without IBS medication or disapproving taunts from her sister too much to ask? Apparently so.


The Gilmore Girl-type mother daughter relationship is tested when Epperly’s father, Brian, lands in the hospital. Throw in the oddball extended family, neb-nose neighbors, and well-meaning (but-invasive) friends, and you have, well, real life.


Come join the rumbas. You’re funny bone will be tickled and your heartstrings will be tugged. If you liked While You Were SleepingThe Middle TV Series, Nora Ephron movies, Fredrik Backman’s A Man Called Ove, or Sophia Kinsella’s Shopaholic series, this book is for you. And if you didn’t—well—still give it a try. 


The Haven Family has been thrown in a Yahtzee cup. Don’t you want to know where they land?

What Reader’s are saying:

Phil W says, “…a terrific story and very captivating perspective on things…”


Suzi M says, “Oh my gosh… amazing!!!! I love Establish [and the author’s] words, detailed thoughts, & writing… [the author] has a style that is so entertaining. I am not blowing smoke…I am being honest. I knew I could say it's nice or enjoyable, or an easy read...BUT it is fantastic. I am laughing & never bored.”


Melanie B says, “Great work from a very promising author – the problem is … I don’t want to wait very long for the next one!”


Ann O says, “[The author] has a way of bringing the reader right into the story. [The author’s] attention to detail is incredible. Epperly is a great 3-dimensional character. I feel like I really got to know the Haven family, and I am looking forward to following them in the next book. One of my favourite things…is that [the author] has given the thoughts in Epperly’s mind a name. That is so original. I’ve never seen that done before. But it’s so true —we all have thoughts that challenge us or support us and they are like a separate entity.”


Joann M says, “Finished the book in 3 days. Had hard time putting it down. Is book 2 out yet?”


Have you read Establish? What do you have to say about the book? 

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November 2
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