Finding God in Anime: A Devotional for Otakus

Laura A. Grace e outros

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Have you ever wanted a season two of your favorite anime but found out it is unlikely for the company to produce one?

Stinks, doesn't it? Well, Finding God in Anime definitely isn't like that. After all, you're looking at volume two right now!

Welcome to the second installment of the acclaimed devotional: Finding God in Anime! Each bite-size piece comes straight from the passionate otaku souls in our collective of Christian authors. You will find anime-inspired pieces from across tons of beloved genres within this devotional, and each one presents a unique and Biblical outlook on your favorite shows!
Find God's fatherly love in Daddy's Girl, inspired by Fullmetal AlchemistGo down to your atoms to discover God's purpose for us in Jobs, inspired by Cells at WorkHuddle up to hear God's game plan for living like Him in Get Your Head in the Game, inspired by Kuroko's Basketball
…and so many others! So grab your shuriken or computerized make-up compact and join us on the exciting adventure of finding God's teachings in anime!

Religião e espiritualidade
19 de maio
Laura A. Grace
Draft2Digital, LLC

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