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The book includes four short stories that lead you to the LGBT love in ancient China..

(1) "Qing Zhen Ji"

Zhao Wang Sun, a 15-year-old scholar with a beautiful and versatile appearance, was decent and often teased by his classmates. He was cast under the door of Qin Chunyuan, a famous teacher in Qionghua Guan's lecture. Xinke Hua Lin Lin is a good southerly wind. I see Zhao Sheng and admire his charm. His emotions are Zhao Sheng and Tong. Later, Fengxiang resumed Hanlin's identity and helped Zhao win the first place in the county trial and the rural test. Zhao Sheng has an official voice. After the wind, he will sit in the middle of the enemy. Zhao Shengjiu will be free. Both abandon officials and hide in the white door.

(2) “Love Story”

Tianjin Wei Zhang machine, both literary and martial arts, had a great esteem for Fu Tai He Tao Tao. He defeated the subordinates of Shan Kou and got two wives. Tianjin has Xiu Shi Zhong Tu South wind, see Zhang Ji is romantic, very envious, invite their banquet, drink after it to the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of the wine, the spirit of their adultery. After Zhongtu was sent to Shaanxi Pingping Mutiny, Zhang Ji led his troops to help him break through Xi'an with Zhongsheng and regain old happiness. Later, both of them abandoned their official positions.

(3) "Romance"

The father of Wen Yun was an official. He died early and his family was ruined. He was engaged to the daughter of a rich man before he married him. After Wen Yun was saved, he did not think he was born. He joined the theatrical troupe as the "Zheng Dan". The scholar cloud Han, word day chapter, acquainted with Wen Yun, then became happy. Wen Yun also set up a theatrical troupe, earning money for Zhang Zhang's study, and the two get along with each other as husband and wife. However, Wen Yun was murdered and killed by suicide. Guanyin repaid its loyalty and returned to the South China Sea in three years. Wen Yun's soul is not scattered. He follows the Heaven chapter and helps secretly. The day after tomorrow, the truth was learned and revenge for Wen Yun.

(4) “love story”

When Li Youxian went to Beijing with his father, he was robbed of a noisy horse, and sold himself to the South Yan Yan family. When Li Youxian came to redeem him, he dressed up as a woman to dress up her concubine. There is a son named Kuang Ding. When he was trapped by a bad man and his family dispersed, Li Youxian rescued Kuang Ding and fled for the granddaughter of the Shang Shu. Kuang Ding later took the granddaughter of Shang Shu as his wife. She learned about the family changes from Li's Fairy mouth, and then repaid her father's grievances. Li Youxian was originally a Yuhua real person, who was brought into the world for women and later returned to fairyland.

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