Ghostwriter's 101: How To Get Into Ghostwriting and Make It A Business

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Writing can be a tough way to make a living if you are hoping to rely on the sales of your own books. The truth is that most writers, while happy to write, are not very keen (or good at) the marketing side of the business of getting their work in front of an audience. For this reason, ghostwriting is the perfect solution for many writers since they are able to be paid to stick to what they do best, and what they enjoy best – writing – and leave the marketing and the rest of the business side to the person whose name will be going on the cover of the book.

If you know what you are doing, and you are willing to take the right steps, ghostwriting can be a highly lucrative way to make a living. Although there is no glory in being a ghostwriter, it certainly is a much easier way to make money from your writing skills than trying to get your own book published. Even once a writer does get their own book published, the commission earned per book sold is very low. If your book does not make it to the best sellers lists, you have a very low chance of making enough money to live on.

Becoming a ghostwriter means being able to simply focus on the craft of writing itself; and being paid for what you have actually written, not just what you manage to sell.

It is an excellent way to supplement the income you earn from writing your own work. If you are publishing books and articles of your own, taking on ghostwriting work in addition will enable you to make a good living while still being able to follow your passion and express your creativity.

This book is here to start you off in the ghostwriting, showing you all the steps and shortcuts you need to take to streamline your way to a steady predictable income doing something you love.

Packed with tips and practical advice this book will save you a lot of time and effort, and will help you to avoid all the mistakes that can hinder your progress or even demotiavte you from becoming a successful well-paid ghostwriter.  Working as a ghost writer can be extremely lucrative, especially considering the level of demand for the service.

Enjoy the read and put everything into practice today. Today is the best day to become a successful ghostwriter!

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16 de fevereiro
Laura Whitworth
Draft2Digital, LLC

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