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This Book is an excellent and comprehensive compilation in English with Roman Transliteration of the Scriptural Texts of Hinduism that brings under one single Title all such Scriptural Texts that glorify, honour and extol the divine Name of Lord Ram, as well as the many Sacred Stotras, Mantras and Hymns dedicated to the Lord. These Texts are highly revered, are very sacred, and have great spiritual value in Hinduism. They are dedicated to Lord Ram who was a human manifestation of the Supreme Being, and whose wonderful most fascinating story has been made immortal by the world-famous epic known in general terms as the Ramayana.

The Book has six Chapters as follows:-

Chapter 1: The Glory of Lord Ram's Holy Name from Goswami Tulsidas' epic Books—(i) Ram Charit Manas; (ii) Barvai Ramayan; (iii) Dohawali; (iv) Kavitawali; (v) Geetawali; and (vi) Vinai Patrika.

Chapter 2: Lord Ram's 108 Divine Names from: (i) Padma Puran; and (ii) Anand Ramayan. We also read about the importance/significance of figure '108'.

Chapter 3: Different Hymns of Lord Ram from 'Ram Charit Manas' of Goswami Tulisdas: (i) By Kaushalya (the Lord's mother); (ii) By Sage Atri; (iii) By Sage Sutikshan; (iv) By Jatau (the vulture king); (v) By Brahma (the Creator); (vi) By Indra (the King of Gods); (vii) By Lord Shiva; and (viii) By the Vedas.

Chapter 1: The Stotras of Lord Ram from 'Adhyatma Ramayan' of sage Veda Vyas: (i) 'Ram Hridaya' Stotra; (ii) Stotra by Ahilya; (iii) Stotra by Parashuram; (iv) Stotra by Narad; (v) Stotra by Valmiki; (vi) Stotra by Sutikshan; (vii) Stotra by Agastya; (viii) Stotra by Jatau; (ix) Stotra by Gandharva; (x) Stotra by Sugriv; (xi) Stotra by Swayam Prabha; (xii) Stotra by Vibhishan; (xiii) Stotra by the Gods; (xiv) Stotra by Brahma; (xv) Stotra by Indra; and (xvi) Stotra by Lord Shiva.

Chapter 2: Other Stotras such as (i) Ram Stavaraj; (ii) Ram Ashtak; (iii) Raghunaath Ashtak; (iv) Sita Ram Ashtak; and (iv) Ram Raksha Stotra.

Chapter 2:  Lord Ram's Mantras appearing in the Upanishads: (i) Ram Uttar Tapini Upanishad; (ii) Ram Purva Tapini Upanishad; (iii) Ram Rahasya Upanishad; and (iv) Kali-Santaran Upanishad.

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Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia
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