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There's one thing I know for certain. That night, something impossible happened up on that mountain. Eternity broke through...

Kathy and Joni were neighbors who became best friends as the years passed, and their children grew. Kathy, and her physicist husband Frank, held a pure allegiance to science. Joni and I held only a bold belief in God. Then came the fire.

The last six cataclysmic days of October 2003 brought human tragedies in greater number than any firestorm in San Diego's history. Thousands of firefighters drove into the enormous inferno to defend what they could, but nothing could stop that fire. 

That night, as legions of horrified homeowners fled for their lives, flames the size of skyscrapers began burning directly below Kathy and Frank's five acre horse ranch. With the situation becoming more hopeless by the minute, Joni and our 9-year-old daughter each prayed for a miracle. 

On Tuesday evening October 28th, 2003, high up in the Cuyamaca Mountains of San Diego, deep within the fiery furnace of the Cedar Fire, there was a colossal manifestation of God's presence. It transformed all of our lives. Both families were shaken by what we saw— it staggered every one of us—believer, and nonbeliever alike. It will be the same for you should you decide to come along...

"There are no words to describe how this book affected me. If you are a believer then this book will only reinforce that Miracles do happen everyday and that God is always not only with us but listening to our prayers. If you are a non believer then you should read this and see if you can explain the unexplainable."

"Love True Stories, especially when they are about miracles of God. A simple BEAUTIFUL read. Happy ending. God is GOOD"

"Amazing story, and it's true! I could hardly put it down...cried, laughed, cheered all the way through. It's extremely well written."

"All I can say is this is a wonderful true story! A must read for everyone, not just believers!"

"I cried and cried as I read this powerful true story. If you are in need of encouragement to give you hope on the journey that The Lord has called you on, this book will certainly be beneficial. I highly recommend it."

"If you don't believe in miracles, read this book. If you believe in miracles, read this book. An incredible story of faith, prayer, and God's sovereign power over nature."

"A powerful, awe inspiring book. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is almighty and is in control of all things. Glory to his name."

"this book is a little slow at first but I can truly say that it changed my life. I am a Christian and have always believed in God's power and His miracles but I have never really seen or heard of any to this extent. God is real and He is in control of everything. Thank you Greg for writing this book.....I really needed it. Especially now."

"I've read hundreds of books of all kinds and this is clearly one of the best and most interesting books I have read in years."

"I loved it from start to finish, kept me reading and finished it in 2 days, I loved this book."

"This is a must read for any one who is willing to open their mind to how great God is and how great His love is. This is a true story that boggles the mind when God does something that there is no explanation of how He did it nor any natural explanation of of how it could have happened. If you are looking for proof that there is a God and that He works in the affairs of mankind then read this book."

Religião e espiritualidade
31 de março
Greg Stelley

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