Grand Moving Diorama of Hindostan Grand Moving Diorama of Hindostan

Grand Moving Diorama of Hindostan

Fanny Parkes Parlby's Experiences in India

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Descrição da editora

<p>Grand Moving Diorama of Hindostan by Fanny Parkes Parlby: Step into the vivid and enchanting world of India through the eyes of Fanny Parkes Parlby in "Grand Moving Diorama of Hindostan." This travelogue takes you on a journey through 19th-century India, offering rich descriptions of its culture, landscapes, and people. Fanny Parkes Parlby's keen observations provide a captivating glimpse into the India of her time.</p><p>Key Aspects of the Book "Grand Moving Diorama of Hindostan":
Travel Exploration: Fanny Parkes Parlby's travelogue offers a fascinating exploration of India during the 19th century, providing valuable historical and cultural insights.
Descriptive Prose: The author's descriptive prose brings India's diverse landscapes and vibrant culture to life, allowing readers to immerse themselves in its beauty and complexity.
Personal Perspective: Gain a personal perspective on India through the eyes of an intrepid female traveler in an era when such journeys were rare.</p><p>Fanny Parkes Parlby was a British travel writer and memoirist who lived during the 19th century. She traveled extensively throughout India with her husband, a British colonial officer, and her writings, including "Grand Moving Diorama of Hindostan," provide valuable historical records of her experiences in India. Her work continues to be studied for its insights into British colonial life and 19th-century India.</p>

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