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The true events in this book are what I experienced along the journey to fat loss. I share my story with you because I want you to succeed in your fat loss journey as well. By the end of this book if you make it through it, you’ll know that you too can achieve lasting weight loss and do so for all of the right reasons. See how you can change your behaviors, thought processes, eating habits and physical activities and learn about lasting fat loss from someone who’s actually done it.

There is only one person who is going to save you and that is you. What I have written in this short book will cause you to rethink your whole life, and will be perhaps a hard slap in the face for you. If you have hit rock bottom this book is for you.

This book will tell you how to lose fat without the gimmicks and hype. I am not selling any “system”, videos, service, pills or anything else. You can learn what you need to do and the information you need to track down in this short book. This book is the TRUTH, are you ready for that? If you’re not and still in denial that you are fat take a look in the mirror, that’s what I did and then I took action. I will tell you my story so listen and listen well then take action yourself.

Notice there are no boob job stick chick fitness models or spa boys with an eight pack on the cover of this book. This book is about being hardcore realistic with yourself about being fat. I have tried to make this an easy, even enjoyable read of a rather dull topic. Eat right and get some exercise, right? Of course it's not that easy, but this book makes it as easy as you could possibly hope for it to be to get you started. I tell you what I did and how I did it. I lost 20 pounds of fat off my stomach in 3 months and it is still off.

There is no complicated "system" in this book. If you can just think what is in this book through logically I am certain you CAN and WILL change your life and be less fat than you were before you read this book. If you do what it says in this book and you will not only lose fat you will gain health. If you don’t have your health you have nothing!

This book gives you practical suggestions that are easy to incorporate into daily life, your daily life not someone else’s. Your health is about you and no one else, no one else made you become fat. Only you can make the changes needed to lose a LOT of fat in a really healthy way. This book shows how it takes small steps, one day at a time to achieve your goals. You have got to take those first steps though, are you ready?

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Joe Carotta
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