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True Magick: Hecate's Moon Magick for the Apprentice Witch is a magical manuscript that teaches the secrets of Moon Magick in line with the traditions of Hecate's witchcraft. As you may already know, Hecate is the Greek Goddess of Magick, Witchcraft, and the Moon. This is an excellent occult manual to all practitioners of the magical arts, especially to those who are just starting out. Learn how you can harness moon energy to create positive changes in your life.

True Magick: Hecate's Moon Magick for the Apprentice Witch is the key that will unlock the door to a dark and deeper magick. Take note that "dark" does not necessarily mean "evil," just as "light" does not always mean "good." In this magick of the Great Goddess Hecate, you will not just learn about synchronizing yourself and your magick with the Moon, but you will also discover the great universe of magick that is present in your life. It is time to unleash the power within through the power of the Moon and invocation of the Great Hecate.

The Moon is sacred, and it is alive. It is as alive as the Earth. It also holds the secrets of magick and sorcery — and it knows the secrets of the world. Just imagine the men and women who have looked at the Moon and have told her (the Moon) their secrets, fears, wishes, and dreams. When you do Moon Magick, a part of yourself becomes just like the Moon: blooming beauty in dark secret. Suddenly, you will find meaning in darkness, and the ever-beauty of the night.

For a long time, people have been deceived thinking that only the light matters. They fail to realize that wherever light may travel, darkness will always be there first. And, even when light leaves, darkness stays. It stays with you both in happiness and sadness, in joy and in agony. Like the most loyal friend, darkness will never leave you — so you might as well make peace with it. It is this darkness that holds the key to magick and power. If you could face and embrace this darkness, you will realize that there is nothing that you must fear. Sometimes, light is not enough — and only darkness can bring you satisfaction and power.

True Magick: Hecate's Moon Magick for the Apprentice Witch is a revelation that shall be with you for a while and leave you with eternal secrets of the universe that you can use forever. If you think that you are ready for true magick, then let me welcome you into this world of pure magick and mystery. Remember that there is power in darkness, and this darkness is in you. If you let it out, then it becomes the purest light — a light that heals and blooms and overcomes. Such is the secret behind darkness: It is the most blinding light that has only been turned inside out.  

Are you ready for the dark power in you to be finally awakened and unleashed? Are you ready to meet the purest light? If you think that you have been called for real and ancient magick, then I now welcome you into the world of Hecate's Moon Magick.

Saúde, mente e corpo
18 fevereiro
Melody Webster
Draft2Digital, LLC

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