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This book is organized as follows: 


Territory Once Included in Lunenburg County 


Colonel Byrd’s Survey 

The Dividing Line 

Formation of Henry County 

Formation of Patrick County 

Court of Patrick County 

Henry County 

Early Settlers of the Territory Now Occupied 

Patrick and Henry Counties in Virginia 

Farming in the Early Days 

Travel and Transportation 

Social Life 

The Tournament 

Our Great Staple—Tobacco 

Henry County Tobacco 

Origin of One of the Greatest Tobacco Manufacturing Enterprises in the World 

Development and Growth of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company 

Indian Corn 

Corn Shucking Song (Uncle Remus) 

The Partisan Leader — A Prophesy 

The War Between the States, 1861-1865 

War Experiences of Major A.D. Reynolds of Patrick County, Virginia 

Civilization and Progress Handicapped by War 

Slavery in Our Country From Different Points of View 

The Henry County Bar 

Origin of the Two Great Political Parties of the United States 

Scenery in Patrick County Picturesque and Beautiful 

Other Curiosities 

Mural Records of Things Legal and Historical in Patrick County Court House 

Recalls Stormy Times 

Sinister Interior 

Poetic Fancy Aroused 

Other Famous Cases 

The Scenes Change 

Early Churches of Virginia 

Decline of the Episcopal Church 

Patriotic Societies 

Daughters of the American Revolution 

The Patrick Henry Chapter D. A. R. 

United Daughters of the Confederacy 

The Henry County Red Cross Society 

The Business and Professional Women’s Club of Martinsville, Virginia 

Public Schools of Patrick and Henry Counties 

The Harden Reynolds Memorial School of Patrick County, Virginia 

High Schools 

Dennis Marshall’s School 

Joshua Smith’s School 

Patrick Henry Academy (1813) 

Alumni of Patrick Henry Academy 

Interesting Notes 

Oath of Allegiance 

Quit Rents 

Smith’s River Formerly Called Irvin 

Battle Abbey 


Hurrying to the Assistance of General Greene 

Early Days in Winston-Salem 


The Aaron Family of Henry County 

The Abingdon Family 

The Allen Family 

Obediah Allen 

The Anderson Family 

The Anglin Family of Henry County, Virginia 

John B. Anglin 

Dr. John B. Anglin 

Mrs. Mattie Anglin Ramsey 

W. T. Anglin, of Oklahoma 

Benjamin H. (Harry) Anglin 

Arthur Anglin 

Charlie Anglin 

The Anson Family of Martinsville, Virginia 

The Anthony Family of Henry County 

The Barbour Family of Henry County, Virginia 

The Barker Family of Henry County 

The Barrow Family of Henry County 

Benjamin F. Barrow 

The Bassetts of Henry County, Virginia 

The Bassett Brothers of Bassett, Virginia 

The Booker Family 

Mrs. Sallie Cook Booker 

The Booker Family of Patrick and Henry Counties, Virginia 

George W. Booker 

The Bouldin Family 

The Brown Family of Henry County 

The Bryant Family 

Charles B. Bryant of Henry County, Virginia, 1842-1915 

Major Bryant’s Court 


The Burch Family of Henry County, Virginia 

Honorable Thomas G. Burch, of Martinsville, Virginia 

The Calloway Family 

The Carter Family of Henry County, Virginia 

The Clanton Family 

The Clark Family of Patrick County, Virginia 

The Family of Dr. Joseph Clark, of Patrick County, Virginia 

The Coan Family of Henry County, Virginia 

George William Coan 

George W. Coan, Popular Mayor of Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

The Coleman Family 

The Craghead Family 

The Critz Family of Patrick County, Virginia 

Robert C. Critz 

The Dalton Family 

The Dandridge Family of Henry County, Virginia 

Annie Dandridge 

The Davis Family of Henry County, Virginia 

Robert E. Davis 

Everett J. Davis 

D. S. Davis 

Honorable Beverly a. Davis 

The Deshazo Family 

Dr. John Redd Dillard, of Henry County 

Mrs. Adele Lee Dillard 

Thomas E. Donegan 

The Drewry Family of Henry County, Virginia 

The Dudley Family 

The Dyer Family of Virginia 

David Dalton Dyer 

David Patterson Dyer 

The English Family 

George M. Finley 

The Fontaine Family 

The Ford Family of Henry County, Virginia 

The France Family 

... and many more families.

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