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Every-woman talks to one of her cells. Why every illness is a healing metaphor. A theory of Cellular Awakening, short version. Does healing happen primarily from the outside in or from the inside out? Your personal beliefs & myths about healing. #1: If we understand our problems, they will be healed.#2: If you donít know and donít understand, then you canít heal.#3: Personal-spiritual change takes a long time and is always a slow process. After all, you've had the problem for a long time.#4: If you've had a negative belief for a long time, it will take a long time to change.#5: If you change quickly, it must be superficial and not long lasting.#6: I canít change; ìThis is the way I am; Iíll always be this way.î#7: If you are middle-aged or older, it is too late to change.#8: Changing old behaviors and thought patterns is often difficult and painful, "No pain, no gain."Why is pain allowed? Why do I put up with so much pain in my body? What is the connection between pain and reactivity? How does reactivity pull us out of balance? Where is reactivity in my body? What's the connection between reactivity and my comfort zones?Can you help me see disease from Spirit's point of view? Why does the conventional health care system limit itself to only pathology? Is there nothing of value in conventional medical pathology for healing? What do I have to know to begin healing my self? But donít I need to know EVERYTHING before I can release? What are trapped emotions? How do I release them? Why won't God help me with my disease?How do I get the attention of a Benefactor in Spirit?Is this negativity coming into me or leaving or going out from me?38Is this a disturbance or a clearing?What can illness teach us? What can I learn from it?Where does disease come from?Is examining past lives foolish escapism?Why do you say, ìIf you can locate it, you can clear itîWhy do you say, ìIf you can feel it, you can heal itî?Why does each of us heal so uniquely and use tools uniquely?What's the fastest, easiest way to clear up unresolved childhood or past life issues?How do we prevent illness?How do we slow down the aging process?Can I become my own doctor? How do I take back my power, take back my health from doctors?How do Medical Intuitives work?What does effective healing look like from Spirit's point of view?What is self-healing? How can I heal myself?What is Best Practices in Healing?Whatís the single most useful tool for healing my self?What does it mean to be Spirit-led?

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Bruce Dickson
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